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PURE CONSCIOUSNESS Here God Krishna is saying to Arjuna that to be in pure transcendental consciousness, a person must give up all the varieties of sense gratifications which arise from the engagement of senses as per urges of satisfaction of gratifications on the direction of mind which is not stable, fickle and wandering here and there and which is the friend and enemy of a person.  The mind is our friend if we can control it and the mind is our enemy if we allow ourselves to be controlled by it. These urges for the satisfaction of material sense gratification arise because of the tendency of mental concoction in us which make us believe something which is not true.  It is just like if we add different ingredients in a new way to make some new meal. Our mind creates a mental concoction as it picks some part of the story from somewhere and remaining parts from some other stories and presents a new picture in front of us which appears to be astonishing but in reality, the new pic
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How to remain separate from material entanglement and remember God Shri Krishna 24x7?

How to remain separate from material entanglement and remember God Shri Krishna 24x7? Image source: self Read Chapter 8 “Attaining the supreme” and Chapter 10 “ The Opulence of the absolute” and Chapter 15 “The yoga of the supreme person” from Bhagavad Gita regularly. Chant hare Krishna maha-mantra daily. Offer vegetarian food first to Krishna and then partake remnant as prasadam. Always keep in mind that we are part and parcel of God Shri Krishna and are eternal servants of God Shri Krishna. If we do not serve God Shri Krishna then we will be compelled to serve others. Light from the sun and moon is Krishna and the taste of water is also Krishna. The sacred syllable “OM” is also Krishna. The sky is symbolic representation of Krishna. Air is Krishna. Our digestive power is Krishna. Reading Book  "Bhagavatam" will enhance your devotional service to Krishna. The more we remember him, the more we find ourselves away from material energy which is itself the lower energy of Krishn

Nectar of the Bhagavad-Gita

  Nectar   of the Bhagavad-Gita  The soul neither gets destroyed nor gets birth. The soul is eternal and full of bliss and knowledge.  What is the need for grieving for the living beings when the eternal thing called soul always remains in the universe even if the bodies do not remain due to death? Sensible people grieve neither for the dead nor those who have not died. The soul is amazing. It is so small that it cannot be seen with naked eyes or any type of modern equipment. It is present everywhere, it is full of knowledge, ancient and eternal but still, it can adapt itself in the body of bacteria to the largest mammal-like whale and elephants. We have to live a life of equilibrium. We have to learn how to remain unaffected by cold, hot, winter, summer, profit and loss, fame and infamy, praise, and disrespect. We have to make a balance in our habits of eating, speaking, thinking, sleeping. Living a life of balance helps a person to move forward to the path of liberation from the mise

Top lessons of Bhagavad-Gita

Top lessons of Bhagavad-Gita Today is 25th December 2020, an auspicious day and we are celebrating Gita Jayanti (birthday of Bhagavad Gita) today.  Today is also Mokshda Ekadesi. This is the perfect day to publish this blog on my website Today is also Christmas  (bi rthday of Jesus Christ). I wish merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the readers of my blogs. 1. Soul is imperishable, the body takes birth but the soul never born, can not be wet, dry, divide, dissolve, burn, kill and is eternal and can not be seen with material eyes. 2. We are not this body but soul. The body is just a medium of the soul. Soul transmigrates from one body to another. The soul never takes birth but changes one body to another. 3. Senses, mind, intelligence are companions of the soul. Lust occupies senses, mind, intelligence and thus affects the soul. Unless one uses pure intelligence to control the mind, the senses cannot be controlled. Devotional services make intelligence

Nature: Our teacher

  Nature: Our teacher Photo source: Myself Material nature is the inferior energy of God Shri Krishna and is eternal just like souls, time, space. When everything is annihilated, nature remains as it is.  Goddess Durga is the controller of this material world and takes care of all living beings by fulfilling their material desires.  We can learn many lessons from nature. Trees, soil, mountains teach us to be tolerant, patient, forgiving and beneficial to others.  Trees provide us with wood, fruits, shade, leaves. They provide a home to various birds by providing them space to build nests and rear their offspring. Trees help us in getting our air clean and fresh. Trees hold the soil with their roots and help in controlling soil erosion from floods every year and help mountains to stand tall and erect and prevent landslides.  Similarly, the soil does not object when farmers plough it and labours build a home and other architectures on it. Soil teaches us to be humble and forgiving. Those

Spiritual Master: Our true saviour

Spiritual Master: Our true saviour Image source: Myself All the spiritual literature like Ramcharitmanas,  Bhagavad-Gita stresses the importance of spiritual master and creates a desire in persons on the path of self-realization to get themselves initiated by Spiritual master.  The spiritual master is the one who removes the bad qualities or evils from his disciple's heart and converts them into good qualities like renunciation, selfless work, devotion to God,  peace, tranquillity,  mercy, charity, equanimity. This is just like the sun which converts salty water of the ocean into sweet rainwater by the process of evaporation and sublimation.  Even then people with poor funds of knowledge do not understand how the spiritual master is making their life blessed. While in service to the spiritual master, we have to keep our cleverness and intelligence separate and follow the directions of our spiritual master with our heart and soul. We have to serve the spiritual master with body, min