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TICKET TO GOLOK VRINDAVAN After going through Bhagavad Gita’s second chapter, I have come to this conclusion that a summary of the entire “Bhagavad Gita” is in the second chapter. It tells us the qualifications which this soul should possess to get the ticket to the Kingdom of GOD or Golok Vrindavan or spiritual sky after death.  "A person who has given up all desires for sense gratification, who lives free from desires, who has given up all sense of proprietorship and is devoid of false ego- he alone can attain real peace". Text no. 71 Chapter no. 2 from Book Bhagavad- Gita as it is. " This is the way of spiritual and godly life, after attaining  which a man is not bewildered. If one is thus situated even at the hour of death, one can enter into the kingdom of God". Text no. 72 Chapter no. 2 from book Bhagavad-Gita as it is. Here one more thing which is to be remembered is that the moment your soul leaves your body (at the time of death) at that time, what are yo

Powerful Senses

Powerful Senses Senses are very powerful. They are so strong that a person who sincerely try to control them with meditation or devotional services, they drift the mind of such person with a strong force to material attachments just like a strong wind try to drift the boat from its direction. This is one of the biggest challenges before a transcendentalist. Let us look at pages of history where there are many instances where a person doing meditation has been drifted back to the mud of material tastes by these senses. For examples: Sage Visvamitra who was a king earlier but he left his kingdom to meditate to become a Brahm Rishi. He was such a strong sage who do strong penance and meditation. He acquired some supernatural weapons, the knowledge of which was ultimately given by him to God Rama who has incarnated to kill demon king Ravana. He has created a new heaven with his power of meditation to accommodate one of the ancestors of God Rama there. Naturally, Indra the king of heave


PURE CONSCIOUSNESS Here God Krishna is saying to Arjuna that to be in pure transcendental consciousness, a person must give up all the varieties of sense gratifications which arise from engagement of senses as per urges of satisfaction of gratifications on the direction of mind which is not stable, fickle and wandering here and there and which is the friend and enemy of a person.  Mind is our friend if we can control it and mind is our enemy if we allow ourselves to be controlled by it. These urges for the satisfaction of material sense gratification arise because of the tendency of mental concoction in us which make us believe something which is not true.  It is just like if we add different ingredients in a new way to make some new meal. Our mind creates mental concoction as it picks some part of the story from somewhere and remaining parts from some other stories and presents a new picture in front of us which appears to be astonishing but in reality, the new picture is far fr