Here God Krishna is saying to Arjuna that to be in pure transcendental consciousness, a person must give up all the varieties of sense gratifications which arise from engagement of senses as per urges of satisfaction of gratifications on the direction of mind which is not stable, fickle and wandering here and there and which is the friend and enemy of a person. 

Mind is our friend if we can control it and mind is our enemy if we allow ourselves to be controlled by it. These urges for the satisfaction of material sense gratification arise because of the tendency of mental concoction in us which make us believe something which is not true. 

It is just like if we add different ingredients in a new way to make some new meal. Our mind creates mental concoction as it picks some part of the story from somewhere and remaining parts from some other stories and presents a new picture in front of us which appears to be astonishing but in reality, the new picture is far from reality however fascinating it appears to us. Mind keep us in agony, stress, anxieties, worries for events which will never happen in our life. It keeps us fearful for our future.

Mind starts to get purified and find peace and satisfaction in self alone when our intelligence which is just like a driver in a car which controls the steering of the car ( here steering of the car is our mind) and driver (intelligence) drives the car (our body) in such a way to save the person sitting on the rear seat (soul).

Our intelligence should be strong enough which should have the power to control the mind and when the mind is controlled and purified than it can control the senses nicely. The purified mind which has shed away the urges for sense gratification created by mental concoction and started finding peace, happiness, satisfaction in self alone then only we can say that the mind is now on spiritual platform and away from the normal or ordinary human experience and knowledge. We pray to God for material comforts but material energy gives only worries, anxieties and mental disturbance. We are asking for trouble in front of God every day. We should ask for peace, love, worship of God in our daily prayer to make our life blissful. Senses are above dull matter and mind is above senses and intelligence is above mind and soul is above intelligence so we have to care for the soul only. 

We will get as per our destiny which is formed before our birth as per our pious and impious actions in previous birth. There is no need to run for material success as we will not be able to get more than what is destined for us irrespective of our hard work and efforts. We have to keep our focus on worship of God Shri Krishna and render devotional service to God Shri Krishna to get freedom from the cycle of repeated birth and death, old age, diseases and this dangerous material world full of miseries, worries, anxieties and which is not our real home as our real home is "Golok Vrindavan" or spiritual sky. One who reach there after death, never returns to this miserable and dangerous material.

Thanks for reading the blog. 

Respected obeisances to my spiritual master and God Shri Krishna.

Hare Krishna.

Pankaj Mannan


  1. How do we make our intelligence strong enough to have control over mind?

  2. Hare Krishna,

    Please make your intelligence the ultimate approver or rejector before you think, speak and do any action. It can be achieved with practice of taking a pause before you think, speak or do any action. Keeping yourself in mode of goodness will also help in it. Spiritual knowledge and devotion to supreme God Krishna will help you to purify your intelligence and enable it to decide best for you and prevent you from surrendering to the urges of mind.


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