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Ticket to Kingdom of God


After going through Bhagavad Gita’s second chapter, I have come to this conclusion that a summary of the entire “Bhagavad Gita” is in the second chapter. It tells us the qualifications which this soul should possess to get the ticket to the Kingdom of GOD after death. 

Here one more thing which is to be remembered is that the moment your soul leaves your body (at the time of death) at that time, what are you thinking matters the most and it decides your next birth. If you are thinking about GOD then your next destination will be the Kingdom of God or you can call abode of God from where the soul never returns to this miserable and dangerous material world. 

If your consciousness is towards wife, children, bank balance, costly items at home, Job, girlfriend, or towards your pet or lust, greed, attachment then without any doubt, you will get a body to fulfill your unfulfilled desires for sense gratifications. Throughout our life, we have to practice to keep our mind, senses, consciousness towards God, or else we will miss the flight to the Kingdom of God Krishna who is the father of all the souls. We are children of God and we can only become happy when we reach our real home and that is home of our father, the supreme Lord Krishna. 

We (souls) are eternal just like God and we (souls) cannot be destroyed, decayed, immovable, moistened, dried, burned, unbreakable, insoluble, invisible, do not undergoes any change, never takes birth, are old, present everywhere and always in this universe. But alas! Some people even after hearing about the soul are not able to understand it all. 

Our body dies but the soul remains as it is. We have taken so many births but since our knowledge is covered by illusion, sex, greed, attachment so we forget our previous births but God is eternal, full of consciousness, bliss so he knows all the past and future births of all living beings.

At the time of death, the soul only changes the body like we change our clothes but the soul remains as it is, without any changes, in the journey of the body from the womb of the mother to the pyre. Sensible persons do not lose their sense of direction or patience with such a change as one who has taken birth will surely die one day and will take new birth after death so there is no space for grief between birth and death. 

All created beings are not viewable in the beginning, and then they become viewable, exist for some time, produce some offspring’s and then become, weak and feeble again become invisible. 

The Season changes in cycle so our happiness and distress. Nothing is permanent so no attachment with anybody neither living nor non-living. You cannot hold anything permanently, as one day, you are sure to lose that thing or person since change is the nature of this material world. Attachment will only bring more sorrow. One must learn to bear happiness and distress, loss or gain. Please do not be mad with happiness when conditions are in your favor and do not be thrashed by sorrow when conditions go out of your control or are not in your favor. 

Please live a life of equilibrium in happiness, distress, fame, infamy, rest, work, eating food, sleep. You should away keep yourself away from dualities, anxieties as it will bring you closer to God. Always remain satisfied in the self alone. When we live a life of equilibrium only then we will be eligible for entry in the Kingdom Of God i.e., Golok-Vrindavan.

One incurs sin when one neglects his duty. Work can not bind you if you work without thinking about loss or gain, happiness or sadness, victory, and defeat. Focus on perfect execution of work and not on results, as a result, is out of the scope of human endeavor. Never consider yourself the cause of work done by you as work is done by your nature, senses, three modes of material nature (mode of goodness, passion, ignorance). We can control our work but not our results. 

The path of devotional service to God can save a person from a dangerous type of fear. Intelligence of persons on devotional service to God is resolute but persons having no faith in God have many branched intelligence. These people are attracted to material sense gratification and they do not think about devotion to supreme God. The person who is involved in devotional service to God will get rid of good and bad reactions of his actions in this life and cycle of birth and death and attain a position in the spiritual sky. At this point, this is my duty to make it clear that it is very dangerous to involve in any bad action once a person is on the stage of devotional service to God.

Some important points to be remembered if we have to go back to the Kingdom of God:
  1. Avoid sense gratification
  2. Avoid Greed & Lust.
  3. Avoid Anger
  4. Avoid attachment
  5.  Control your senses, keep them engage in devotional service to God, or else they will drag you down to hell or lower species of life in your next birth.
  6. Do not observe sense objects continuously or quite often otherwise they will bring you down from the spiritual plane to the material plane through a chain reaction (observe sense objects-attachment-lust-anger-complete delusion-bewildered memory-lost intelligence-falling in material world).
  7. Control desires and not try to satisfy such desires otherwise they will force you to take birth again in this miserable and dangerous material world.
  8. Give up false Ego
  9. Give up sense of proprietorship.
  10. Get connected to God for peace & transcendental intelligence.
  11. Any progress on the path of spirituality never goes waste. You will start in your next birth from where you left in a previous birth.
  12.   Live a life of equilibrium in happiness or sorrow, victory or defeat, gain or loss, appreciation or depreciation, hot or cold, honor or infamy.
  13. Keep your mind in balance.
  14. Engage your senses in the devotional service to God.
  15. Develop a habit to read spiritual literature and listen to discourses or sermons from holy persons either personally or through YouTube channel or the internet.
  16. Fix your consciousness on God to be a man of steady intelligence.
  17. Make a habit to remember God while doing your duty, eating, walking, and doing office or home duties and before going to sleep and after getting awake from sleep.
  18. Keep your personal hygiene perfect such as taking a bath every day.
  19. Develop humility in your outlook.
  20. Make your mind purified so that the purified mind finds satisfaction in self only.
  21. Your bad actions of this birth or previous birth are responsible for your sorrow and no one else.
  22. To attain liberation from miserable and dangerous material world and cycle of birth, old age, disease, and death, you have to surrender unto God Shri Krishna and remember him always until your last breath of this life.

Thanks for reading the blog.

Obeisances to my spiritual master and God Shri Krishna.

Pankaj Mannan


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