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Three modes of material nature


Human beings present state is determined by the modes of material nature which is dominant at the particular moment and these modes of material nature keep competing with each other to take control of a person's consciousness.  Sometimes Modes of goodness is prominent and Sometimes Mode of passion or mode of ignorance are prominent. There is a constant struggle between these modes of material nature for supremacy. 

One has to learn the technique of becoming transcendental to these three modes of material nature which is to depend entirely on God Krishna and involve oneself in devotional service to supreme God Shri Krishna.

This is supreme knowledge and sages have received perfection by getting this knowledge. Person's nature becomes transcendental after receiving this knowledge and that person is not compelled to born at the time of creation and not disturbed at the time of distraction of creation.

God is the seed giving father who impregnate the total material substance
called Brahman. Due to this process, all the living beings are born. When the living entity comes in contact with material nature ta han living entity comes under the influence of these modes of material nature which binds him.


This mode is pure and illuminating than others and frees a person from all the reactions of sins committed
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by him but this mode conditioned the persons with the sense of happiness and knowledge. It fills the person's mind with intelligence. When a person dies in this mode then he goes to the higher planets of saints. The action done in this mode are pious and pure. This mode gives real knowledge.

The person in this mode has unlimited desires and he is bound to the work done by him by desiring favourable results. It condition person to fruitive actions. This mode makes the person intense laborious, industrious, hankering for-profit and desires, greedy, jealous with others. highly attached to family, profession, society, money. The person in this mode works with the desire of favourable results. When a person dies in this mode then he takes birth again in the family of persons who are working hard for favourable results. Actions done in this mode results in misery. This mode results in greed and passion.

This mode is due to ignorance and delusion of all living beings and sleep, indolence, madness is sign exhibited by the person in this mode of material nature. This model covers the intelligence of a person and bind the person to madness. When a person dies in this mode then he goes directly to animal kingdom and takes birth as an animal. Actions done in this mode results in madness. This mode gives foolishness, madness, illusion.

When one comes to an understanding that mode of material nature are actually working and no one else is working and that God Shri Krishna is above these modes of material nature and transcendental to these modes then he attains Spiritual nature. One has to become transcendental to the modes of material nature to get out of the grip of material nature, birth and death, disease and distress, old age and only then he can enjoy nector in this life. 

What are the symptoms of the person who can transcend the modes of material nature? What is his behaviour? and how does he managed to transcend the modes of nature?

Answer: A person living a life of equilibrium and remain steady in the following conditions of life;
  • Cold and hot
  • Summer and winter
  • Fame and infamy
  • Honour and dishonour
  • Gain and loss
  • Sorrow or happiness
  • Friends or enemies
  • Gold or stone.
  • Desirable and the undesirable.
This person has given up all the material activities and attachments. This person does not hate illumination, attachment and delusion when they are present and do not desire them when they are gone. This person remains undisturbed by reactions of actions done by him and remain unconcerned and transcendental to the modes of material nature. He knows well that he does not do any work and only three modes of material energy are real performers in this material world. He remains self-satisfied and enjoy in his soul only.

Who can transcends the modes of material nature and reach to the level of Brahman?

Answer: One who keeps himself in devotional service regularly and punctually without fail under all circumstances.

Who is the basis of impersonal, undying, indestructible, and everlasting with ultimate happiness called Brahman?

Answer: God Shri Krishna

I thank you for reading the blog.

Hare Krishna


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