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Last thought

Last thought

Brahman is non-destructive and exists eternally without any change. Karma creates the material bodies of living entities. Karma forces us to take a new body after our death. It may be a body of human, bird, animal, or any demigod depending on the consciousness in which we left our last breath. We keep the remembrance of God in our entire life so that at the last moment of our life, we should not miss the chance to go back to where we actually belong and that is the abode of the home of our God. 

Hear, remember, the chant holy name of God is three pillars of our life of spiritual realization. The material nature is consistently undergoing changes. Change is the bitter truth of life. We should not get ourselves attached to the material world consisting of our family, society, nation, relatives, bank balance, home, property, and other material things otherwise we will feel immense pain when a constant and continuous change of material nature will snatch these things from us. You have seen so many people in your life who were so famous and rich once but now they are living an unknown life of penury.

Supreme God Shri Krishna lives in the heart of living beings and is the Lord of all sacrifices and the universal form of the lord contains all the Demigods. There is no doubt that those whosoever leave his/her body remembering God at the last moment will definitely attain God. 

Those who attain God never return to this miserable and dangerous material world because they have achieved higher perfections. If a person remembers somebody other than God then he will definitely get body similar to that person to whom he or she was remembering while leaving his body. 

If you remember your dog at the time of leaving your body then you will be a dog in the next life and if you remember your wife at the time of leaving your body then you will be a woman in your next body. If the wife remembers his husband at the time of leaving her last breath then she will be a man in his next birth. If you remember your children then you will receive a body of man, woman, or any pet to associate with your children in your next birth.

You have to very careful to remember God only at the time of your death to get yourself liberated from the cycle of birth and death. God Shri Krishna said in holy book Bhagavad Gita to always think of him in the form of Krishna and at the same time performed your prescribed duties dedicated to God Shri Krishna and mind and intelligence fixed on him.

In this way, you will attain the Supreme Personality of Godhead Shri Krishna. We have to remember God as the one who knows everything, is the oldest, controller, smallest than smaller, greatest than the greatest, living beings are being taken care by him, he is always a person, far away from the material contaminations, transcendental, shining like the sun and beyond this material nature and idea. All the planet's are places of miseries, anxieties, and distress except the abode of God.  He is independent and does not depend on anybody. He created Brahma sitting on a lotus straight from his naval without the help of goddess Lakshmi. In our material world, every man requires women to beget a child. His senses are also transcendental and can perform all types of functions. His ears can eat and his eyes can talk.

When everything is annihilated, God remains as it is since God belongs to supreme unmanifest nature which is transcendental to manifest and unmanifest nature. God is present everywhere and everything is within God while he is present in his abode. He is both within and without.

God who is the greatest can be achieved by a strong devotion and unconditional love to him and remaining unaffected by sorrow, joy, heat, cold, loss or gain, fame, and infamy, praise, and insult.  We have to become an expert in living life of equilibrium. The path of devotional service to God is the highest path which gives all the results derived by other paths to God such as reading spiritual literature, doing sacrifices, penances, austerities, charity and devotee of God reaches the supreme eternal abode of God Shri Krishna in Golok Vrindavan or spiritual planet.

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Hare Krishna

Pankaj Mannan


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