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Nature of soul


Krishna said to Arjuna that soul which dwells in the body can never be slain so there no need to worry about the upcoming death of your relatives or friends in the battlefield. The soul of your so-called friend and relatives will remain as it is. What is the need for grieving for the living beings when the eternal thing called soul always remains in the universe even if the bodies do not remain due to death? Sensible people grieve neither for the dead nor those who have not died.

The soul is really amazing. It is so small that it cannot be seen with naked eyes or any type of modern equipment. It is present everywhere, it is full of knowledge, primaeval and eternal but still, it can adapt itself in the body of bacteria to the largest mammal-like whale and elephants.

Different peoples have different understanding depending on their capacity to understand that's why few people can understand the soul while some even after hearing from saints or sages or spiritual people cannot understand the soul at all. What a pathetic state of these people!

The soul is very small in size. It is so small that no modern equipment can measure it. It is a form of energy and as you know that energy can never be created nor destroyed. You cannot manufacture souls in a factory. It is so small that it can not be visible by our eyes. When a soul cannot be seen by our eyes that how can you think that it is destructible? 

Our body is destructible but not the soul. Our enemy can kill our body but not our souls and we are not these bodies. Chapter 2 of Bhagavad- Gita highlight this core issue which is the foundation of the spiritual life and a relationship with God as part and parcel of supreme personify of Godhead “God Shri Krishna". It makes us fearless as we are actually souls so we are indestructible.

The soul is not visible to human eyes and does not take birth and cannot be replicated. The person should have deep understanding in him that the real thing is the soul and not a person and when a person is dead that real thing named soul which run the body after filling it with consciousness has gone somewhere but it is still present in the universe either in a new body or as energy in the universe and the only thing that it has left is that particular body so there should be no grievance for the body which was meant to be perishable and was not permanent.

The soul cannot be broken into pieces and it is insoluble in any form of liquid. Any fire cannot burn it into ash and any wind cannot get it dried. Water cannot moisten it. The soul is ever-present everywhere and it is not changeable and cannot be moved from one place to another and it is eternal and primaeval. What an amazing thing is this soul!

The soul has the following four properties: 1. it cannot be burned by fire 2. It cannot be cut to pieces by any weapon 3. It cannot be dried by wind 4. It cannot be moistened by water. No physical factor can influence or change the form of soul. It will remain as it is under any condition.

The soul never takes birth and it never died but only changes one body to another as we change our clothes. The soul is unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primaeval. The soul is not killed when the body is killed.

The soul is indestructible and hence soul is neither slain nor slayer. It is one body which kills other but the soul remains as it is. The soul is eternal but it does not mean that killing is allowed as it is prohibited in both religion and laws of the country. One should observe Non-violence at every step of life as “to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” which is the third law of Motion by Famous Scientist names Newton and which the basis of law is of “KARMA”. You will reap as you sowed

Many diseases are known to kill so many persons just because there are some demons in the form of Humans on this earth who kills animals to satisfy their tongue and belly when God has provided fruits, vegetables, pulses and cereals to Humankind. These demons get infected with highly dangerous spreadable diseases due to reactions of their violent actions of killing innocent animals. Thus entire humanity suffers due to violent actions of these demons in human form. Once again I want to reiterate that “to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” & you will reap as you sowed.

The soul within this material body can never be destroyed nor measured and this material body is sure to come to an end which can happen just now or after many years which is just a matter of time. Here the word” Living entity refers to the soul which is eternal which means it exists always.

God and souls are eternal and exist from time immemorial and always remain in this world. Both were present in past and will remain present in future also. Only thing is that soul forgets its past births but God remembers his past, present and future because God has transcendental intelligence.

The sages of the truth have examined the nature of both soul and material body and have come to the conclusion that our body cannot be maintained for long years as it is perishable and should deteriorate with time but the soul is permanent as it does not change under any circumstance, time, period, space. So we should care for our soul only.

Thanks for reading the blog.

Hare Krishna

Pankaj Mannan


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