Pious Manners

Pious Manners 

There is a chain of events to reach soul happiness. It starts from good thoughts and good thoughts lead to good manners and it leads to the pious mind and which leads to soul happiness. 

It is in the company of Saints/sages/good people that we generate or inculcate good thoughts. A good company is the requisite for self-realization. The biggest hindrance to self-realization is arrogance and pride. Humility is the most important factor for self-realization. The way you thought the way you work. Keep your thought pure to do goods actions which leads to good habits or manners. Thoughts engrossed in material things leads to unhappiness. Godly thoughts are our real Saviours. Bad thoughts are like seeds of thorn yielding plants.

Keep a vigil on the three main sense organs such as eyes, mouth, ear. Engage these sense organs in devotion to God or else they will drag you down to hell. Whatever we hear, see, or speak has a tremendous effect on our mind and consciousness. Engage ear in hearing holy sermons and discourses and engage your eyes in seeing the good in the world. Train your mouth to speak in a good, polite, gentle, beneficial way after considerable speculation. Your words should come from the deeper regions of your soul. You should speak in such a way that words coming from your mouth should not be influenced by greed and selfishness but by selfless work. The mouth should not speak in such a way that you have to repent after utterances of bad and unpleasant words. Please make a habit of keeping away from undue criticism and false defamation of a person. Immediately leave the company of gossip mongers. They are harmful for your self-realization. Count your sins before looking at another's sin.

Our mind is made up of such a material that every emotion gets imprint on it. From these imprints thoughts are generated and which leads to manners bad or good and these manners lead to bad or good actions. Mind listen cautiously about praise, defamation, and bad things happening in this material world. It is easy to pollute water but it is not that easy to get it purified. Bad habits die hard and good habits take many days to implement.

I Thank you for reading the blog.

Respected Obeisances to my spiritual master.

Pankaj Mannan


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