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The existing taste of senses.

The existing taste of senses.Every person on the path of self-realization tries to control his senses to advance on the path of self-realization. As otherwise advancement on the path of self-realization is not possible if we let loose our senses and mind. God Krishna in Bhagavad-Gita stresses on the importance of control of senses.

Transcendentalist and devotees often face this problem that however he has got himself advanced on the path of self-realization or devotional service to God but the taste of senses for material sense gratifications still exists which has the power to bring the downfall of transcendentalist or devotee who is offering devotion to the supreme personality of Godhead Shri Krishna and meditating his mind on the form and name of God Shri Krishna.

The existing taste of senses for the satisfaction of material urges can be conquered by developing a higher taste of devotion to the supreme personality of Godhead Shri Krishna. After tasting this higher taste of devotion t…

Withdrawing senses from objects.

Withdrawing senses from objects.What makes a difference between a devotee and a self-realized soul and an ordinary man is that ordinary man does not know how to control his senses but a devotee or self-realized soul knows how to control his senses. This helps a person to remain in perfect consciousness. We should not be a servant of our senses but we should be masters of our senses. If we become a servant of our senses then these senses who always run towards satisfaction of material urges will lead us to be a material conscious person instead of the soul-conscious person which is a requirement for liberation from birth, death, disease, old age. God Krishna in Bhagavad-Gita stresses on the importance of control of senses.

How can you extinguish the fire by pouring oil or ghee in it? The fire will not extinguish but it will ablaze with more intensity. Similarly, if we go on satisfying the urges of our senses and mind then eventually, we will become slaves of our senses as material urge…

Controlled senses and lingering taste.

Controlled senses and lingering taste.Everyone tries to control their senses on the path of self-realization. It is not possible to move forward on the path of self-realization if we leave our senses and mind out of control. Along with this, we have to keep our intelligence pure and God-centric. God Krishna in Bhagavad-Gita stresses on the importance of control of senses.

Followers of the path of devotion and self-realization have to face the problem that although he has moved on the path of self-realization or devotional service to God, the taste of senses still exists for material sense satisfaction. 

A follower of the path of self-realization or a devotee who focuses on devotion to the supreme personality of Lord Shri Krishna and the form, name, pastimes, and qualities of Lord Shri Krishna, then if the taste of widespread material enjoyment still present in the senses then that senses absorbed in thoughts of sense gratification have the power to bring the downfall of a devotee from t…

Saint of steady Mind


Every living entity is subject to threefold miseries in this material world as per the teaching of God Krishna in Bhagavad-Gita. The miseries caused by other living beings such as humans, animals, bacteria, virus, hot weather, cold weather, age, diseases, fever, flu or arthritis or any physical ailment, by our own mind as our mind keep us worried throughout our life for events which will never happen. our mind keeps us in the ocean of anxieties.

Our mind never allows us to enjoy life as it gets us troubled with unnecessary worries. you must have observed yourself that many of our previous worries have not happened in this present life. We are also put into trouble by natural calamities such as earthquakes, volcano eruption, landslides, famines floods, etc. No one is free from these threefold miseries of this material world. 
One who is not worried, when these threefold miseries put him in trouble and when everything is going well in his/her life. 

The person who ha…

Stage of highest knowledge

How to attain the stage of highest knowledge or supreme perfectional stage.
One has to be self-controlled.One has to be unattached and free from desires of material sense enjoyment and sense gratification.He has to practice renunciation which is the process to leave all the fruits of work.This is the perfect stage of freedom from the reaction.Purify your intelligence by focusing your attention on God Shri Krishna and always remembering him. Thus try to be true Yogi.Chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra is the only way in this age of Kali to get out of this miserable material world.Hear Bhagavad-Gita or Srimad-Bhagavatam from senior devotees or saints. Chanting and hearing are the only ways to get God Shri Krishna and get yourself liberated from pangs of miseries and distresses of this material world.Control your mind with determination.Get your self free from hatred and attachment.Leave the habit of gossiping and blaming others especially in their absence.Learn to be humble and compassionate…


TRANSCENDENTAL KNOWLEDGE God Shri Krishna in Bhagavad-Gita had given this transcendental knowledge to Sun god and Sun god has given this transcendental knowledge to Manu and Manu had instructed it to Iksvaku. The knowledge thus moves forward through a chain of succession of disciples but the chain got broken in the course of time and knowledge seemed to be lost. The moral discipline and principles of society were getting low in that era so God Shri Krishna had to deliver it to Arjuna who was just a medium but the future generations of human beings are the real audience of this transcendental knowledge. God Shri Krishna has taken many births since time immemorial and he knows all of them but human being do not remember their past birth as their knowledge is blocked by ignorance. Whenever there is a decline in righteousness and good people are in danger then God Krishna will take birth to save them from bad peoples and reconstitution of Dharma. To attain transcendental love of God Shri …

Thinking about senses objects.

Thinking about senses objects.
When we think about any sense-object continuously or quite often then it leads to attraction towards that sense object. This attraction leads to lust and lust lead to anger, anger leads to bewildered memory and bewildered memory leads to lost intelligence. Lost intelligence leads to the falling down of a person in the material world. Senses are very strong and if we fail to get them to engage in the devotional service to God Krishna then they will lead us astray and let us fall in the material world from the spiritual plane.
A person involves in meditation or devotion to God can drift from the spiritual realization if he has not engaged his senses in devotion service to God because a slight urge in mind will agitate senses to indulge in material sense gratification. What is the need of the hour is called sense management? I still remember one old story from my childhood. The story of ghost and Brahman (learned man).  One day a Brahman come across a ghost a…


COMPLETE KNOWLEDGE This material world is a dangerous place to live in. Every day in the newspaper, we come across a variety of bad news such as accidents, murder, suicide, pandemic, death, raising pollution, rape, sexual assault, road rash, decreasing of the ozone layer, natural disasters, etc. You cannot be sure of the safety of you and your family. 

At any moment, something bad or catastrophic can happen in the life of us. On the other hand, many good events also happen in our day to day life such as marriage, the birth of a baby in our family, getting our children passed in examinations with flying colours, some achievement achieved by sportspersons of our country, our national team got championship of some sports after winning a tournament, our country space organization made some astonishing progress or amazing achievement by our country’s scientists, a citizen of our country won some international reward in science, literature, arts, music, etc.

A person in Krishna Consciousness i…

Few breath and God

Few breath and GodThis material world is subject to change. None of this is permanent here and everything whether living or nonliving is subject to change. The change is the undeniable truth of this material world. The more we get ourselves attached to the material world, the more we have to suffer when conditions start changing suddenly, and living and non-living things start to leave us due to law to constant change which is the primaeval truth of this material world. 
In Satyuga, the age of truth, the life of a person was very long but in the age of Kaliyuga, the age of quarrel and hypocrisy, the age of the person is very short. It does not mean that we should enjoy senses and indulge in material sense gratification as much as possible within this short span of life but we should do as much as devotional service to God and spiritual master without waiting for another second. This material world is a dangerous place to live in that is evident by crimes, wars, pandemic, exploitation, …


ConcentrationAs per Bhagavad-Gita, the devotee who concentrates his mind on God Shri Krishna will reach the abode of God after death if he remember God Shri Krishna at the time of his death. The concentration of mind towards God should be just like the concentration of women towards water collected in an earthen pot which they carry over their heads while returning to home after filling water in the earthen pot from a pond located far away from their home. This scene is quite visible in Indian villages. The women placed the earthen pot on their heads and do not allow water to spill from the pot although they travel large distances on uneven ground and keep talking to each other while walking but because their concentration remains in the water of the pot. Similarly, Juggler juggling with balls and acrobat making balance on a tight rope are other examples of strong concentration that help these people perform well in their profession. Gymnastics are also known for their high concentrat…


MindOur subtle body has three main constituents i.e mind, ego, intelligence. The subtle mind can take the soul out of the body and if the soul reenters the body then the person is alive otherwise if the soul does not enter the body then the body is dead. We often experience it during dreams when we reach unknown regions and meet unknown persons. Sometimes we feel flying during a dream. The body kept sleeping but mind travel unknown regions during sleep. The mind is very powerful and can cross seven seas in just a few seconds. It is difficult to subdue and along with senses has the power to deviate a person from his resolutions. However hard one may try it does not listen and comply. If someone tries to catch it, it breaks all the ways and means to control it.  It can be tamed with practice and giving it a better alternative such as devotion to God and reading spiritual literature, listening to spiritual discourses and sermons, and watching spiritual videos. We have to keep our conscio…