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Humility is the prerequisite for advancement on the path of self-realization and devotion to God. Our spiritual master has instructed us through holy sermons and discourses that we should be humble to deal with pride and false ego in us. 

This humble nature protects us from persons puffed up with a false sense of proprietorship, ego, and pride. Some venomous persons remain enthusiastic about how to pick a quarrel with anybody without any good reasons as they are blind due to power, money, false ego, pride, and muscle power. They love to hurl abuses, insult, and humiliate anybody without any good reason. This age which is called "Kaliyug" is the age of hypocrisy and quarrel.

The best way to deal with these people is to remain humble and increase the quality of humility in us. Whenever you come across these types of people than just remain humble and pacified them with your humility. We do not have to hurt their pride or ego but try to put our point peacefully and try to avoid these people and get away from them and the situation as early as possible. We have to deal fools with our wisdom instead of joining their party. Instead of getting angry with them, we should remain humble to deal with their anger, pride, and false ego.

I have seen one such practical demonstration in the real-life situation of the magic of humility and humbleness by one of an elderly person with whom we were returning from Sonipat after hearing spiritual discourses in the congregation of saints who gathered there for delivering sermons.  We are about to reach Siri fort auditorium in south Delhi when suddenly a car overtakes us and stopped in front of us. Two persons puffed with anger and muscle power approached our car and asked our driver to come out of the car. Our driver was a young man but before he could utter a single word, one elderly person sitting along with the driver on the front seat handle the situation with astonishing humbleness and inquired the reasons for their anger from an agitated person. The agitated person of another car told the elderly person that driver of our car was not driving properly and not giving them space to overtake our car. The elderly person immediately offers an apology to an agitated person with folded hands. After seeing elderly man bowing before them with an apology, they become pacified and their ego gets satisfied and they cool down and left the place saying that due to apology offered by the elderly person they are leaving our driver otherwise there could be consequences.

Once those people leave the scene, the elderly person told all of us that although he knows that our driver is trained and was driving nicely but to save the driver and other passengers from road rash,  he pacify the agitators by remaining humble and seek apology from agitated persons to save our young driver from physical assault. I was astonished and amazed after seeing the magic of humility and attitude of humbleness. What amazing quality is humility!

Our spiritual master always puts emphasis on being humble and polite. These qualities increase the power of humility in us. Humility is the power possessed by blessed souls.

Thanks for reading the blog.

Pankaj Mannan


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