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Stage of highest knowledge

How to attain the stage of highest knowledge or supreme perfectional stage.

  • One has to be self-controlled.
  • One has to be unattached and free from desires of material sense enjoyment and sense gratification.
  • He has to practice renunciation which is the process to leave all the fruits of work.
  • This is the perfect stage of freedom from the reaction.
  • Purify your intelligence by focusing your attention on God Shri Krishna and always remembering him. Thus try to be true Yogi.
  • Chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra is the only way in this age of Kali to get out of this miserable material world.
  • Hear Bhagavad-Gita or Srimad-Bhagavatam from senior devotees or saints.
  • Chanting and hearing are the only ways to get God Shri Krishna and get yourself liberated from pangs of miseries and distresses of this material world.
  • Control your mind with determination.
  • Get your self free from hatred and attachment.
  • Leave the habit of gossiping and blaming others especially in their absence.
  • Learn to be humble and compassionate.
  • Eat vegetarian food which increases the life span and mode of goodness in you.
  • Generally, people trying to get a stage of supreme knowledge prefer to live in secluded places and avoided crowded places and the company of materialistic peoples.
  • Keep a company of good people.
  • A person has to eat little and sleep little.
  • Peron has to control his mind, body, power of speech.
  • A person has to remain detached and free from a false ego, false strength, and false pride, false proprietorship, lust, greed, anger.
  • A person has to remain free from the acceptance of false material things.
  • The person has to remain calm and peaceful.
  • He never laments for anything.
  • He does not desire anything.
  • He treats every living being as equal.
Such as person can rise to the position of self-realization and attain pure devotional service unto God Shri Krishna. He situated himself transcendentally and at once realize the highest stage of knowledge called Brahman and becomes full of bliss.

One can understand God Shri Krishna by only devotional service and keeping himself in Krishna Consciousness. Only then he can enter the abode of God after completing his lifetime on this planet called Earth.


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Here God Krishna is saying to Arjuna that to be in pure transcendental consciousness, it is necessary for a person to give up all the varieties of sense gratifications which arise from engagement of senses as per urges of satisfaction of gratifications on the direction of mind which is not stable and wandering here and there and which is the friend and enemy of a person. 

Mind is our friend if we are able to control it and mind is our enemy if we allow ourselves to be controlled by it. These urges for the satisfaction of material sense gratification arise because of the tendency of mental concoction in us which make us believe something which is not true. 

It is just like if we add different ingredients in a new way to make some new meal. Our mind has a tendency of mental concoction as it picks some part of the story from somewhere and remaining parts from some other stories and presents a new picture in front of us which appears to be astonishing but in reality, the n…

Pious Manners

Pious Manners 
There is a chain of events to reach soul happiness. It starts from good thoughts and good thoughts lead to good manners and it leads to the pious mind and which leads to soul happiness. 

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Keep a vigil on the three main sense organs such as eyes, mouth, ear. Engage these sense organs in devotion to God or else they will drag you down to hell. Whatever we hear, see, or speak has a tremendous effect on our mind and consciousness. Engage ear …

Last thought

Last thought
Brahman is non-destructive and exists eternally without any change. Karma creates the material bodies of living entities. Karma forces us to take a new body after our death. It may be a body of human, bird, animal, or any demigod depending on the consciousness in which we left our last breath. We keep the remembrance of God in our entire life so that at the last moment of our life, we should not miss the chance to go back to where we actually belong and that is the abode of the home of our God. 

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