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Devotion to God Shri Krishna vs material gains

Devotion to God Shri Krishna vs material gains. Some people complain to God Shri Krishna that despite their devotion to him, they are not getting materially elevated. After getting frustrating from material losses they slow down the pace of devotion to God Shri Krishna or stop the worship of God Shri Krishna. Image source: Myself Let's take an example of a classroom. A classroom has 40 students. Whenever the teacher asks a question then brilliant ones or students sitting on front seats raises their hand more often to answer the question than others. Next time onwards, teacher usually ask these students to answer the question because he has seen their devotion to studies. Image source: Myself Similarly, devotee is more dear to God Shri Krishna although God Shri Krishna is not partial to anybody and he has full focus on his devotees and he provide them intelligence sitting in their heart as a super soul with which they can come to him. Some devotee has bad karma accumulated over many

Process of Karma

Process of Karma There are five types of reasons for getting job done according to Vedanta as mentioned in holy book Bhagavad-Gita. Place of action called body. The performer The different types of senses Various types of endeavour Supreme soul Image source: myself All the right or bad actions performed by a person through his body, mind and speech are caused by the five factors mentioned above. If you think that you are the only one which is to blamed or praised for any action committed by you then you are mistaken as whatever has been done is due to the collaboration of five factors mentioned above. Your actions should not be motivated by false ego and your intelligence should not be impure and entangled with material energy. You should not thirsty for enjoying the results of your actions. Only then you are not bound to suffer or enjoy as the aftermath of your actions . Which are those factors who motivate action : Knowledge Object of Knowledge The person who has knowledge The action