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Process of Karma

 Process of Karma

There are five types of reasons for getting job done according to Vedanta as mentioned in holy book Bhagavad-Gita.
  • Place of action called body.
  • The performer
  • The different types of senses
  • Various types of endeavour
  • Supreme soul
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All the right or bad actions performed by a person through his body, mind and speech are caused by the five factors mentioned above.

If you think that you are the only one which is to blamed or praised for any action committed by you then you are mistaken as whatever has been done is due to the collaboration of five factors mentioned above.

Your actions should not be motivated by false ego and your intelligence should not be impure and entangled with material energy. You should not thirsty for enjoying the results of your actions. Only then you are not bound to suffer or enjoy as the aftermath of your actions.

Which are those factors who motivate action:
  • Knowledge
  • Object of Knowledge
  • The person who has knowledge
The action of writing this blog is motivated by the holy book Bhagavad-Gita and God Shri Krishna (object of Knowledge), Knowledge of Bhagavad-Gita and me who is the knower of this knowledge.

Three factors which combine to form action are:
  • The senses
  • The work
  • The doer of work
There are three types of doer of work and their knowledge:

Doer in the mode of goodness: He performs work with full focus; determination, enthusiasm, integration, devotion but he is not hungry for results. He knows the art of living in equilibrium. He is not motivated by false ego and remain free from modes of material nature. He remains unaffected by success and failure. His actions are regulated and are completed without any attachment, false ego and entanglement with material nature, unmotivated by love and hatred.

Knowledge in the mode of goodness: That knowledge by which one not divided spiritual nature is seen in all living creatures although they are divided into immeasurable forms. It promotes equality of all creatures.

Doer in the mode of passion: He perform work very hard with care, focus; determination, integration, devotion but he is hungry for results and to satisfy his desires. He does not know the art of living in equilibrium. He is greedy and envious. Some times he gets mad with anger when outcomes do not come as per expectation. He remains impure and moves by sorrow or happiness. All of his works are motivated by false ego and material desires.

Knowledge in the mode of passion: That knowledge which informs us that different types of entities are in different types of bodies. It does not promote equality of all creatures.

Doer in the mode of ignoranceHe performs work without any care for rules and regulations, persons, institutions, instructions given in scriptures. He does not care whether is hurting or insulting someone. He is even expert in the art of insulting and humiliating someone. Sometimes he is lazy but sometimes he gets mad with anger. He remains depressed, sullen, sad. He has the habit of putting off doing something that he should do on another day or time because he does not want to do it. He is obstinate, Cheat and materialistic. He remains in illusion. Action performed by such a person put him in bondage of work and are very violent, harmful and distressful to others as these actions are performed in illusion and without any care for instructions given in scriptures.

Knowledge in the mode of ignorance: 
That knowledge which teaches us that the only aim of our life is to earn and have fun without any knowledge of truth and our foremost aim in this life is to satisfy the demands of senses and body

Thanks for reading the blog.

Obeisances to my spiritual master and God Shri Krishna.

Hare Krishna

Pankaj Mannan


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