Devotion to God Shri Krishna vs material gains

Devotion to God Shri Krishna vs material gains.

Some people complain to God Shri Krishna that despite their devotion to him, they are not getting materially elevated. After getting frustrating from material losses they slow down the pace of devotion to God Shri Krishna or stop the worship of God Shri Krishna.

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Let's take an example of a classroom. A classroom has 40 students. Whenever the teacher asks a question then brilliant ones or students sitting on front seats raises their hand more often to answer the question than others. Next time onwards, teacher usually ask these students to answer the question because he has seen their devotion to studies.

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Similarly, devotee is more dear to God Shri Krishna although God Shri Krishna is not partial to anybody and he has full focus on his devotees and he provide them intelligence sitting in their heart as a super soul with which they can come to him. Some devotee has bad karma accumulated over many births and which is an impediment to their material growth and prosperity in this birth. God give them preference like best students by helping them suffer with low intensity to clear bad karma accumulated otherwise they are eligible to suffer more for their bad karma. God by his mercy first made them suffer to clear bad karma as you can not attain God with heavy load of bad Karma. If you are suffering despite your devotional service then you should come on the conclusion that you have a heavy load of bad karma which has accumulated over many births and God Shri Krishna is offloading bad karma from your bag and making it light in weight for you to get his benediction and blessing.

We can only review years spent by us in this life time but God Shri Krishna can review our past and present births and then makes plan for our bright future. God shri Krishna can not give us any material gain which accompanies lots of misfortune and miseries in the long run and has the potential to disturb our peaceful state of mind and ultimate ruin of our life. This is just like a kid who wants to play with a knife but his mother does not give it to him because she knows that Knife is a dangerous thing to play with and has the potential to hurt the kid. We should develop tendency to handover remote control of our body, mind, senses, intelligence and soul to God Shri Krishna and get ourselves free from anxieties and worries.

Respected obeisances unto my spiritual master and God Shri Krishna.

Hare Krishna

Pankaj Mannan


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