How to remain separate from material entanglement and remember God Shri Krishna 24x7?

How to remain separate from material entanglement and remember God Shri Krishna 24x7?

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Read Chapter 8 “Attaining the supreme” and Chapter 10 “ The Opulence of the absolute” and Chapter 15 “The yoga of the supreme person” from Bhagavad Gita regularly.

Chant hare Krishna maha-mantra daily.

Offer vegetarian food first to Krishna and then partake remnant as prasadam.

Always keep in mind that we are part and parcel of God Shri Krishna and are eternal servants of God Shri Krishna. If we do not serve God Shri Krishna then we will be compelled to serve others.

Light from the sun and moon is Krishna and the taste of water is also Krishna. The sacred syllable “OM” is also Krishna. The more we remember him, the more we find ourselves away from material energy which is itself the lower energy of Krishna and we are the upper energy of Krishna.

Respected obeisances unto God Shri Krishna and my spiritual master.

Thanks for reading the blog.

Pankaj Mannan 

Hare Krishna.


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