Why devotees cannot control if someone says bad about God Shri Krishna?

Why devotees cannot control if someone says bad about God Shri Krishna?

We, living entities, are part and parcel of God Shri Krishna. God Shri Krishna is our originator. Our real home is the abode of God Shri Krishna and that is Golok Vrindavan or spiritual sky. Somehow or other, we have come to this miserable and dangerous material world and are suffering a lot to survive here and trying hard to go back to the abode of God. 

Our biological parents keep changing with every rebirth but our real parent is God Shri Krishna who takes care of us both as mother and father in every birth until we return to his abode. We cannot tolerate anyone who dares to say anything bad about our biological parents then how can we tolerate if anyone dares to say anything bad about our real and permanent parent called God Shri Krishna. In dealing with atheists, we have to inculcate properties of peace, love, fearlessness, humility, devotion to God. We have to remain away from vices such as anger, enmity, hatred, false ego, greed, lust, attachment, pride.

Our parents will not be able to remain with us always as this material world is mortal, constantly changing, not permanent and every living being here has a limited number of breaths gifted to him by God Shri Krishna but God Shri Krishna will remain with us from our birth to death and in every situation, provided, we hand over the reins of our life in his hand just like smart warrior Arjuna.

Respected obeisances unto my spiritual master and God Shri Krishna.

Hare Krishna.

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Pankaj Mannan


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