Nature: Our teacher

  Nature: Our teacher

Mother Goddess : Controller of material naturePhoto source: Myself

Material nature is inferior energy of God Shri Krishna and is eternal just like souls, time, space. When everything is annihilated, nature remains as it is.  Goddess Durga is the controller of this material world and takes care of all living beings by fulfilling their material desires.  We can learn many lessons from nature.

Trees, soil, mountains teach us to be tolerant, patient, forgiving and beneficial to others.  Trees provide us wood, fruits, shade, leaves. They provide home to various birds by providing them space to build nests and rear their offspring. Trees help us in getting our air clean and fresh. Trees hold the soil with their roots and help in controlling soil erosion from floods every year and help mountains to stand tall and erect and prevent landslides. 

Similarly soil does not object when farmers plough it and labours build home and other architectures on it. Soil teaches us to be humble and forgiving. Those who have elevated in spiritual life and are not pretenders have learned to be humble and tolerant and beneficial to others. Grass also teaches us that we have to be humble and tolerant. We press grass with our foot but it suffer this with humble attitude to give comfort to our feet. Walking on grass covered with dew in early morning improves our eyesight. 

Mountains teaches us to be useful to others without demanding anything in return. Air teaches us to keep moving forward without any infatuation with anything or anybody. The way we breathe, teaches us to take only bare minimum requirements and do not consume more than required or collect anything in surplus.

Rivers teaches us to be always looking and moving forward and constantly moving and not getting stagnant.

Sea teaches us to remain satisfied and never comes under the influence of never satisfying desires and do not cross moral limits. Fast-flowing rivers go into the sea with lots of water constantly but the sea never violates the limits of its approaches to shore except under Tsunami which is a natural disaster. Sea also teaches us to remain unaffected by use of your resources in the welfare of humanity as sea remains unaffected by the amount of water absorbed by the sun to create clouds for upkeep of vegetation on earth. Seasons teaches us that nothing is permanent here and is subject to change.

Honey bee and ants teach us about results which team efforts can achieve and individual hard working which adds to the team's achievement. Ants also teaches us to save money for bad days. Camel teaches us to learn how to adapt yourself in difficult situations. Fox teaches us to think hard before taking any action. Tiger teaches us not to revels your plans before their execution. Monkeys teaches us to live in the moment and enjoy. Dogs teaches us to be loyal to those who love you and take care of you. Old female elephant who leads the herd teaches us to be a perfect team leader with strength and grace and takes care of your followers.  Donkey teaches us to be calm and continue your hard work. Spider teaches us to stay firm and committed against your adversary plans to pull you down. Crocodile teaches us to have faith on our instincts and acts upon them. Panda teaches us to have fun along with work. Horse teaches us to be fast and proud of yourself and stand straight in front of others. Giraffe teaches us that nature will help you if you strive for your goals as they succeeded in stretching their neck to reach and eat higher bushes and tree's leaves around them finally after many generations of efforts. Eagle teaches us to aim high with focus on ground. Snake teaches us to be satisfied with whatever luck one gets in his life and do not feel weak and feel strong in every condition or situation of life. He also teaches ascetic to move alone and not with groups of peoples as supporters and followers.

Bubble bee gets trapped after seating for longer duration on one flower after sunset when the flower closes its petals so similarly we should depend on different sources for our income and not on a single source.  When bubble bee traps an insect it continuously creates a noise and moves around the insect and makes the insect its form. Similarly, when we go to God, we became part of God.

Fish teaches to avoid greed as fish gets killed by her greed for a piece of meat. On the other hand, Kurd bird saves his life by throwing his piece of meat when attacked by other birds. Fireflies teaches us to keep away from infatuations which can cost us our life.

Moon teaches us to maintain internal peace and equilibrium and not affected by external changes as the moon experiences waxing and waning but still continues to shines in the sky. Children teaches us that happiness comes from within as they enjoy with small playthings. They remain full of joy and enjoy good sleep by remaining free from anxieties and worries and remaining contended with whatever they possess to play. 

Spider creates and devour his web. Similarly, God creates and destroys this material world.
Respected obeisances to my spiritual master and God Shri Krishna.

I thank you for reading the blog.

Pankaj Mannan


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