Top lessons of Bhagavad-Gita

Top lessons of Bhagavad-Gita

Today is 25th December 2020, an auspicious day and we are celebrating Gita Jayanti (birthday of Bhagavad Gita) today. 

Today is also Mokshda Ekadesi. This is perfect day to publish this blog on my website

Today is also Christmas (birthday of Jesus Christ). I wish merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the readers of my blogs.

1. Soul is imperishable, body takes birth but soul never born, can not be wet, dry, divide, dissolve, burn, kill and is eternal and can not be seen with material eyes.

2. We are not this body but soul. Body is just a medium of soul. Soul transmigrate from one body to another. Soul never takes birth but changes one body to another.

3. Senses, mind, intelligence are companions of soul. Lust occupies senses, mind, intelligence and thus affects the soul. Unless one uses pure intelligence to control the mind, the senses cannot be controlled. Devotional services makes intelligence pure.

4. One has to learn how to rise above modes of goodness, passion, ignorance as they tied the living entity to the material world. Doing your work with no love or hatred, no attachment, no false ego, no entangled intelligence or no desire of wanted results, equaĺly disposed to everyone but done as a matter of duty is the only way out.

5. Surrender to God Shri Krishna in Bhakti Yoga is the only way to get liberation from birth, diseases, old age and death and transmigration to 84,00,000 different species and to get entrance in the home of God Shri Krishna in the spiritual sky.

6. Lust, anger, greed, attachment, enmity, pride, motivation by false ego, entangled intelligence are the enemies of the living entity.  Lust, anger and greed are three gates to hell.

7. Work and do prescribed duties (sacrifice, charity, penance) as a matter of duty or as ought to be done with intention of perfect execution of work, with no motivation by false ego, no entangled intelligence, with enthusiasm and determination, with no love or hatred to auspicious or inauspicious work, no attachment or desiring of results and no sense gratification, no material association is the only way to be happy in this material world and liberated from it. Prescribed duties such as sacrifice, penance (control of senses), charity should never be renounced as they purify even great souls. The process of giving up activities based on material desire is called Sannyasa (renounced order of life) but the process of giving up results of work is called Tyaga (renunciation). Without renunciation, one can not achieve renounced order of life. Renunciation of the results of action is better than meditation. Meditation is better than the cultivation of knowledge. Work for  God Shri Krishna is the best way to be happy. Fix your mind and intelligence on God Shri Krishna. Doing devotional service is superior than meditation.

8. You must have heard a phrase in the Bible "You reap as you sow".

Now I would like to link physics with spiritual science. "To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction". This is newton's third law of motion and is equivalent to stringent law of karma. No one can escape from it, right from earth to Brahm Lok (higher planet of material world). Birth, disease, old age, death are all prevalent from earth to highest planet called Brahm Lok. Cruel persons have to face the consequences of bad karma committed by them in this birth and previous births.

9. We have to be very careful to remember only God Shri Krishna at the last moment of our life to get ourself liberated from the cycle of birth and death and go to God Shri Krishna's abode which is illuminated by effulgence from God Shri Krishna's transcendental body and not by any fire, electricity, sun or moon. Those who reach there, do not return to this miserable and dangerous material world.

10. We should surrender to ﹰGod Shri ﹰKrishna, think of God Shri Krishna, worship God Shri Krishna with faith and offer our offering to God Shri Krishna. He will make us free from all the sins. We do not have to be afraid. Worship of the God Shri Krishna will make us perfect and we will come to God Shri Krishna without fail while we should continue doing our work.

11. Any progress in ﹰKrishna ﹰConsciousnes never go waste. We will start next time in this birth or any future birth from where we have left. It also save us from fears of this material world.

12. A person on the path of ﹰKrishna ﹰConsciousness may astray occasionally from his path due to bad habits inculcated during this birth or previous births but even then he should be treated as a saint if his determination towards devotional service is strong, firm and undeterred and his chances of getting liberated from clutches of material energy is sure in near future. He will turn into a right man and will get inexhaustible peace.

13. Mind is our friend if we can control it and use it to elevate us and reach up to super soul and get tranquillity and state of equilibrium in different conditions and dualities but is our enemy if we allow mind to control us and degrade us.

14. Those who worship God Shri Krishna with exclusive devotion and meditate on his transcendental form, God Shri Krishna takes care of what they have and provide them what they lack.

15. God Shri Krishna is the only enjoyer and master of all sacrifices. Those who worship him, thinks of him, are his dear devotee and offer obeisance to God Shri Krishna with mind completely absorbed in God Shri Krishna. They will live with God Shri Krishna and surely come to God Shri Krishna. We are eternal servants of God Shri Krishna. 

16. God Shri Krishna accepts with love if someone offers him with devotion a leaf, a flower, a fruit or water.

17. Whatever you are doing, eating, offering, or performing austerities, you should do them as an offering to God Shri Krishna as it is the only way to focus your mind on God Shri Krishna with renunciation and getting free from bondage to work and its auspicious and inauspicious results and getting liberated and coming near to God Shri Krishna.

18. This knowledge should not be given to those who are rigid, harsh, undevoted or not engaged in devotional service, unfaithful to God Shri Krishna and envy him. This supreme knowledge is only for devotees of God Shri Krishna. He who explain this knowledge to devotees is very much dear to God Shri Khrishna and after death will go to abode of God Shri Krishna. Those who read Bhagavad Gita will worship God Shri Krishna by their intelligence. Those who listen Bhagavad Gita with faith and without envy will become free from sinful reactions and will go to auspicious planets of pious beings after death.

19.God Shri Krishna occupies topmost position in each category of this material world. He is creator and destroyer of this material world. God Shri Krishna is everywhere and everything is in Krishna but he is above material modes. Our Karma creates our bodies. Super soul lives in our heart along with our soul as overseer and permitter. Krishna is father, mother, grandsire, most dear friend, refuge, offering and sacrifice, eternal, beginningless, object of knowledge, original person, purest, absolute truth, supreme goal, unborn, purifier, syllable om, support, eternal seed, master and witness. God Shri Krishna, the supreme lord is resting place for all created beings and creator of demigods and sages, material and spiritual worlds. God Shri Krishna is the support of the universe and diffused in every part of the universe. He is the source of every beautiful, opulent, splendid, glorious creations in this material world.

20. The following peoples are dear to Krishna and are known for transcending the modes of matter:

Person who does not lose equilibrium in heat and cold, distress and happiness, fame and infamy, honour or dishonour and who is fearless and without any cares and pain. He does not think himself as a proprietor of anything, no possessive nature, does not care for any residence, equal to friend and enemy, live in the present moment without any anxieties and worries, free from false ego and sense gratification, self-controlled, tolerant, always satisfied, engaged in devotional service with mind and intelligence fixed on God Shri Krishna, who does not put anybody in trouble and does not get disturbed by anyone, not working for any result, free from bad company, remains always silent and fixed in knowledge. He neither laments nor desires and renounce both auspicious and auspicious things and remain equipoised in his outlook towards others beings and material things, remain free from mad rush towards designations which is another source of worries, anxieties, pain. 

21. God Shri Krishna teaches us in Bhagavad Gita that prominent people in society should be very careful with their conduct in public and personal life because other people who follow them or accept them as their role model will do actions following the footsteps of their heroes. 

22. Spiritual master is necessary to clear doubts created in mind. One should seek answer politely from spiritual master and render service to him.

Respected obeisances unto my spiritual master and God Shri Krishna.

I thank you for reading the blog.

Pankaj Mannan


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