Process of Japa meditation

Process of Japa Meditation

What is meditation? It is the method to focus your mind and intelligence on God. Japa meditation is a type of meditation where you chant rounds of transcendental names of Rama and Krishna on rosary of tulsi beads. The following mantra is recited again and again on tulsi beads as much as possible.



Name of God is not different from God. When we chant this mantra, we get our consciousness pure from impurities heaped on our mind since many past births. Prayer to God is food for the soul. We should pray to God every day to make our soul spiritually strong.  The chanting of this mantra serves the same purpose. Once you start chanting then please do not commit any bad activity as it will nullifying your spiritual gains. You must have experienced that sometimes you feel much so much happy from inside after prayer. It is the happiness of your soul which you experience in your entire body.  In this Kaliyug, the age of quarrel and hypocrisy, Hare Krishna Maha Mantra is the only way out from this miserable and dangerous material world.

When we do Japa meditation then we are doing sacrifice by putting offering or incense of transcendental names of Rama and Krishna into our ear which become fire pit or incensory. 

Japa can be chanted without taking bath. However if one has passed stool, he must take a full bath before chanting Japa or doing anything else.

One is not going to hell because of offensive chanting. If you are neophyte then It is advised to chant even with offences than to not chant at all. The major offence against the Hare Krishna mantra is to not chant it at all. The power of the Hare Krishna mantra is so great that in due course all of our offences will be destroyed and we will gradually increase our Krishna consciousness to feel the presence of Krishna and bliss around us. 

"If we remain on the surface of the ocean, we will always be bounced on the waves up and down and up and down. But when we go deep into the ocean then we no longer experience the waves. So we need to go deep into the chanting" - This text is from below mentioned course. 

Ultimate self-realization Course

The process of Japa meditation is explained in below-mentioned video from youtube:

Respected obeisances unto my spiritual master and God Shri Krishna.

Pankaj Mannan


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