Qualifications for becoming dear to Krishna

Qualifications for becoming dear to Krishna.

There is clear instruction from God Shri Krishna in Bhagavad-Gita that supreme spiritual knowledge of Bhagavad- Gita should not be given to those who are rigid, harsh, undevoted or not engaged in devotional service, unfaithful to God Shri Krishna and envy him. 

This supreme knowledge is only for devotees of God Shri Krishna. Those who explain this knowledge to devotees are very much dear to God Shri Krishna and after death will go to abode of God Shri Krishna. Those who read Bhagavad Gita will worship God Shri Krishna by their intelligence. Those who listen Bhagavad Gita with faith and without envy will become free from sinful reactions and will go to auspicious planets of pious beings after death.

Person who does not lose equilibrium in heat and cold, distress and happiness, fame and infamy, honour or dishonour and who is fearless and without any cares and pain. He does not think himself as a proprietor of anything, does not care for any residence, equal to friend and enemy, live in the present moment without any anxieties and worries, free from false ego, self-controlled, truthful, magnanimous, does not make anyone his enemy, kind, peaceful, truthful, tolerant, always satisfied, expert, engaged in devotional service with mind and intelligence fixed on  God Shri Krishna, remains clean, who does not put anybody in trouble and does not get disturbed by anyone, not working for any result, free from bad company, always silent and grave, merciful, fixed in knowledge and without desires. 

He neither lament nor desires and renounce both auspicious and auspicious things and remain equipoised in his outlook and remain free from run towards designations which are another source of worries, anxieties, pain. He has the attitude of equality towards everything and everybody. He surrender to God Shri Krishna and offer obeisance's unto him. He work for God Shri Krishna and engage with enthusiasm and energy in devotional service. He prepare vegetarian food for God Shri Krishna and first offer food to God Shri Krishna and then takes remnant of food as Prasad to purify his intelligence and remain free from material entanglement.

He always offer respect to others but he does not desire any respect from anybody, he eats bare minimum to keep body and soul together, he does not treat God Shri Krishna as his order supplier. He remains unaffected by material energy, remains meek and steady, control his senses. He always remains surrendered to God Shri Krishna. He does not found faults in other and he keeps himself improving every day so that no one can find fault in him. He is peaceful, truthful, always work for others benefit. He does not make anyone his enemy.

Respected obeisances to my spiritual master and God Shri Krishna.

I thank you for reading the blog.

Pankaj Mannan


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