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DEMIGODS AND SUPREME PERSONALITY OF GODHEAD SHRI KRISHNA God Shri Krishna has said that whenever any devotee of less intelligence and hungry for the fulfilment of material desires decides to worship any particular type of demigod and follow particular rules and regulations according to his nature then God Shri Krishna who is in everyone's heart established the faith of devotee towards that particular demigod in devotee' s heart so that devotee can worship that demigods with dedication to get desired results of his actions or to get material desires fulfilled but fruits or boons of worship are offered by God Shri Krishna to Demigods who bestowed it upon their devotees.  Image source: Pexels Actually, devotees worship the supreme personality of Godhead Shri Krishna in an indirect wrong way. The devotee gets their desires fulfilled by worshipping demigods but these fruits or gains obtained do not persist for longer periods and have beginning and end. These fruits are limited and t