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Understanding, Determination, Happiness

Understanding, Determination, Happiness . Understanding in the mode of Goodness : Image source: Myself Understanding through which one knows how to discriminate between what is required to be done and what is not required to be done. Which action is liberating from the bondage of work and which action makes one bind to the results and made him suffer or enjoy due to reactions of actions. What is required to be feared and what is not required to be feared? Image source:pexels Determination in the mode of goodness:  Strong determination   through which a person controls his life, mind, senses. Image source: Pexels Happiness in the mode of goodness: Image source: Bhagavad Gita The happiness which appears poison in beginning but realized nectar, later on, is in the mode of goodness. Moving towards the path of self-realization is tough in the beginning but gives immense pleasure to the person who gets himself self-realized. Material energy takes a very hard test of the person on the path of