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Unconditional love

Unconditional love The mode of thinking, love, devotion, and dedication of cowherd boys, girls, men, and women of Vrindavan is the best and super most way to love God Shri Krishna. They do not care to understand Krishna. They want to love Krishna unconditionally.  They love Krishna, not as a God but one among themselves. Krishna plays there as an ordinary cowherd boy but sometimes he shows to them that he is the supreme personality of Godhead. They don't want to know how great Krishna is.  We should simply love Krishna. Our perfection is directly proportional to our love for Krishna. We should not waste our time in knowing Krishna as Krishna is unlimited. The knowledge given by Krishna about him in Bhagavad-Gita is sufficient for us. We  have incomplete knowledge of the material world then how can we expect to  know full details of Krishna.  The perfection of life depends on unconditioned love for Krishna. We can not know Krishna with our imperfect senses and mind. Krishna is not o

Devotional Service

Devotional  Service There are two types of persons. One who worship impersonal Brahaman and others who are involves in devotional service of God Shri Krishna.  Out of these two worshipers, who involves in devotional service of God Krishna are better than the other because for the living entities i.e., souls inside bodies, the progress on the path of worship of impersonal Brahman is very tough . Impersonal Brahman is the unmanifested, beyond the perception of senses, not movable, stable, not subject to change and unborn. It is the impersonal idea of supreme truth. These are meditators who control their senses and focus their concentration on impersonal brahman. They treat all living beings equally and remained busy in the welfare of others and finally achieve God Shri Krishna but this path is very difficult and tedious. Similarly, Gyan yoga is also a difficult path to reach God. God Shri Krishna liberate devotee from the cycle of birth and death who fixed their minds on him with devotio