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FAITH What about that person who does not follow the principles of scriptures but does as per his mind? Each person has a particular type of faith depending on the mode of material nature acquired by his soul.  Depending on the mode of nature acquired by the individual soul, faith can be divided into three categories: Faith in Goodness  Peoples in the mode of goodness worship demigods.  They eat vegetarian food such as cereals, pulses, fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, milk, etc as these food increase duration of life as they are juicy, fatty, wholesome, and pleasant to the body and tasty. These foods provide happiness, strength, health, satisfaction to the person who eats them. They increase the age of the person eating such food. Mode of goodness is also called the mode of light because when it comes, it lights all the doors of the body with knowledge. Our body has nine doors and only a person working without any selfish motives can live here in happiness. The soul can not feel happine