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Mind: Our Friend or enemy

Mind: Our friend or enemy Our subtle body has three main constituents i.e mind, ego, intellig ence. The subtle mind can take the soul out of the body and if the soul reenters the body then the person is alive otherwise if the soul does not reenter the body then the body is dead. We often experience it during dreams when we reach unknown regions and meet unknown persons. Sometimes we feel flying during a dream. The body kept sleeping but mind travel unknown regions during sleep. The mind is very powerful and can cross seven seas in just a few seconds. It is difficult to subdue and along with senses has the power to deviate a person from his resolutions. However hard one may try it does not listen and comply. If someone tries to catch it, it breaks all the ways and means to control it.  It can be tamed with practice and giving it a better alternative such as devotion to God and reading spiritual literature, listening to spiritual discourses and sermons, and watching spiritual videos. We