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Three modes of material nature

THREE MODES OF MATERIAL NATURE Every human being is controlled by three modes of nature which keeps a person in the  mode of knowledge & enlightenment, passion, ignorance and madness respectively.  Human beings present state is determined by the mode of material nature which is dominant at the particular moment and these modes of material nature keep competing with each other to take control of a person's consciousness.  Sometimes Modes of goodness is prominent and Sometimes Mode of passion or mode of ignorance are prominent. There is a constant struggle between these modes of material nature for supremacy.  One has to learn the technique of becoming transcendental to these three modes of material nature which is to depend entirely on God Shri Krishna and involve oneself in devotional service to supreme God Shri Krishna. This is supreme knowledge and sages have gained perfection by getting this knowledge. Person's nature becomes transcendental after receiving this knowle