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YOGI Yo gi or mystic is a person who has kept his focus on God and keeps always God in his remembrance. He has left sense gratification, desires, possessiveness and work only for the performance of prescribed duty without any attachment for results. He is better than a person who does not work at all. Yogi keep his mind, body and self in relationship with God.  Image source: pexels Yogi controls his mind. He prefers to live in a lonely place away from the crowd. Some follow eightfold yoga system and other remains in trance by controlling inhaling and exhaling air and some by stopping air in the nostril and some by eating less and there are some people who follow hath yoga where they remain in some physical discomfort to come out of material contamination. Bhagavad Gita has prescribed certain rules for Yogi.  Image source: pexels Celibacy is an important requisite for a Yogi. He or She has to keep in meditation with closed or open eyes and do endeavour to purify his or her mind with sim