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Sannyasa and Tyaga

Sannyasa and Tyaga Renounced order of life (Sannyasa). The process of leaving all activities based on material desires is called the renounced order of life. This is a process of leaving the selfish motives in each endeavor. Image source: Pixabay Renunciation (Tyaga) The process of leaving all fruits of work is called renunciation. Image source: Pixabay Some learned men declare that all forms of material activities should be abandoned but some others feel that sacred activities such as penance (control of senses), charity, sacrifice, Japa should not be abandoned under any circumstances otherwise our next life will be disturbed. Whatever good or bliss, we are enjoying in this life is because of sacred activities such as  penance (control of senses), charity, sacrifice, Japa  performed  by us in previous births. These activities purify even the consciousness of great persons.  Types of Renunciations: Image source: Pixabay Renunciation in the mode of goodness:   When  activities are perfo