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The existing taste of senses.

The existing taste of senses.Every person on the path of self-realization tries to control his senses to advance on the path of self-realization. As otherwise advancement on the path of self-realization is not possible if we let loose our senses and mind. God Krishna in Bhagavad-Gita stresses on the importance of control of senses.

Transcendentalist and devotees often face this problem that however he has got himself advanced on the path of self-realization or devotional service to God but the taste of senses for material sense gratifications still exists which has the power to bring the downfall of transcendentalist or devotee who is offering devotion to the supreme personality of Godhead Shri Krishna and meditating his mind on the form and name of God Shri Krishna.

The existing taste of senses for the satisfaction of material urges can be conquered by developing a higher taste of devotion to the supreme personality of Godhead Shri Krishna. After tasting this higher taste of devotion t…

Withdrawing senses from objects.

Withdrawing senses from objects.What makes a difference between a devotee and a self-realized soul and an ordinary man is that ordinary man does not know how to control his senses but a devotee or self-realized soul knows how to control his senses. This helps a person to remain in perfect consciousness. We should not be a servant of our senses but we should be masters of our senses. If we become a servant of our senses then these senses who always run towards satisfaction of material urges will lead us to be a material conscious person instead of the soul-conscious person which is a requirement for liberation from birth, death, disease, old age. God Krishna in Bhagavad-Gita stresses on the importance of control of senses.

How can you extinguish the fire by pouring oil or ghee in it? The fire will not extinguish but it will ablaze with more intensity. Similarly, if we go on satisfying the urges of our senses and mind then eventually, we will become slaves of our senses as material urge…

Controlled senses and lingering taste.

Controlled senses and lingering taste.Everyone tries to control their senses on the path of self-realization. It is not possible to move forward on the path of self-realization if we leave our senses and mind out of control. Along with this, we have to keep our intelligence pure and God-centric. God Krishna in Bhagavad-Gita stresses on the importance of control of senses.

Followers of the path of devotion and self-realization have to face the problem that although he has moved on the path of self-realization or devotional service to God, the taste of senses still exists for material sense satisfaction. 

A follower of the path of self-realization or a devotee who focuses on devotion to the supreme personality of Lord Shri Krishna and the form, name, pastimes, and qualities of Lord Shri Krishna, then if the taste of widespread material enjoyment still present in the senses then that senses absorbed in thoughts of sense gratification have the power to bring the downfall of a devotee from t…

Saint of steady Mind


Every living entity is subject to threefold miseries in this material world as per the teaching of God Krishna in Bhagavad-Gita. The miseries caused by other living beings such as humans, animals, bacteria, virus, hot weather, cold weather, age, diseases, fever, flu or arthritis or any physical ailment, by our own mind as our mind keep us worried throughout our life for events which will never happen. our mind keeps us in the ocean of anxieties.

Our mind never allows us to enjoy life as it gets us troubled with unnecessary worries. you must have observed yourself that many of our previous worries have not happened in this present life. We are also put into trouble by natural calamities such as earthquakes, volcano eruption, landslides, famines floods, etc. No one is free from these threefold miseries of this material world. 
One who is not worried, when these threefold miseries put him in trouble and when everything is going well in his/her life. 

The person who ha…

Thinking about senses objects.

Thinking about senses objects.
When we think about any sense-object continuously or quite often then it leads to attraction towards that sense object. This attraction leads to lust and lust lead to anger, anger leads to bewildered memory and bewildered memory leads to lost intelligence. Lost intelligence leads to the falling down of a person in the material world. Senses are very strong and if we fail to get them to engage in the devotional service to God Krishna then they will lead us astray and let us fall in the material world from the spiritual plane.
A person involves in meditation or devotion to God can drift from the spiritual realization if he has not engaged his senses in devotion service to God because a slight urge in mind will agitate senses to indulge in material sense gratification. What is the need of the hour is called sense management? I still remember one old story from my childhood. The story of ghost and Brahman (learned man).  One day a Brahman come across a ghost a…

Powerful Senses

Powerful Senses
Senses are very powerful in nature. They are so strong that a person who sincerely try to control them with meditation or devotional services, they drift the mind of such person with a strong force to material attachments just like a strong wind try to drift the boat from its direction. This is one of the biggest challenges before a transcendentalist.

Let us look at pages of history where there are many instances where a person doing meditation has been drifted back to the mud of material tastes by these senses. For examples: Sage Visvamitra who was a king earlier but he left his kingdom to meditate to become a Brahm Rishi. He was such a strong sage who do strong penance and meditation. He acquired some supernatural weapons, the knowledge of which was ultimately given by him to God Rama who has incarnated to kill demon king Ravana. He has created a new heaven with his power of meditation to accommodate one of the ancestors of God Rama there. Naturally, Indra the king of …