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SOUL - An Amazing thing

SOUL - An Amazing thing Krishna said to Arjuna that soul which dwells in the body can never be slain so there no need to worry about the upcoming death of your relatives or friends in the battlefield. The soul of your so-called friend and relatives will remain as it is. What is the need for grieving for the living beings when the eternal thing called soul always remains in the universe even if the bodies do not remain due to death? Sensible people grieve neither for the dead nor those who have not died. The soul is really amazing. It is so small that it cannot be seen with naked eyes or any type of modern equipment. It is present everywhere, it is full of knowledge, primaeval and eternal but still, it can adapt itself in the body of bacteria to the largest mammal-like whale and elephants. Different peoples have different understanding depending on their capacity to understand that's why few people can understand the soul while some even after hearing from saints or sages or spiritu