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COMPLETE KNOWLEDGE This material world is a dangerous place to live in. Every day in the newspaper, we come across a variety of bad news such as accidents, murder, suicide, pandemic, death, raising pollution, rape, sexual assault, road rash, decreasing of the ozone layer, natural disasters, etc. You cannot be sure of the safety of you and your family.  At any moment, something bad or catastrophic can happen in the life of us. On the other hand, many good events also happen in our day to day life such as marriage, the birth of a baby in our family, getting our children passed in examinations with flying colours, some achievement achieved by sportspersons of our country, our national team got championship of some sports after winning a tournament, our country space organization made some astonishing progress or amazing achievement by our country’s scientists, a citizen of our country won some international reward in science, literature, arts, music, etc. A person in Krishna Consciousnes

Nectar of the Bhagavad-Gita

Nectar  of the Bhagavad-Gita  The soul neither gets destroyed nor gets birth. The soul is eternal and full of bliss and knowledge.  What is the need for grieving for the living beings when the eternal thing called soul always remains in the universe even if the bodies do not remain due to death? Sensible people grieve neither for the dead nor those who have not died. The soul is amazing. It is so small that it cannot be seen with naked eyes or any type of modern equipment. It is present everywhere, it is full of knowledge, ancient and eternal but still, it can adapt itself in the body of bacteria to the largest mammal-like whale and elephants. We have to live a life of equilibrium. We have to learn how to remain unaffected by cold, hot, winter, summer, profit and loss, fame and infamy, praise, and disrespect. We have to make a balance in our habits of eating, speaking, thinking, sleeping. Living a life of balance helps a person to move forward to the path of liberation from the miserab


HOW TO ATTAIN THE SUPREME Brahman is non-destructive and exist eternally without change. Karma creates the material bodies of living entities. The material nature is consistently undergoing changes. Supreme God Shri Krishna lives in the heart of living beings and is the Lord of all sacrifices and universal form of the lord contains all the Demigods.  There is no doubt that those whosoever leave his/her body remembering God at the last moment will definitely attain God. Those who attain God never return to this miserable and dangerous material world because they have achieved higher perfections.  If a person remembers somebody other than God then he will definitely get body similar to that person to whom he or she was remembering while leaving his body. If you removed your dog at the time of leaving your body then you will be dog in next life and if you remember your wife at the time of leaving your body then you will be a woman in your next body.  Ithe f wife remembers his husband at t

Nature, enjoyer & consciousness

NATURE, ENJOYER (SUPER SOUL) AND CONSCIOUSNESS. This body is called the field and the one who knows this body is called knower.  Image source: Pexels God is the knower of this body. We are also the knower of our body but God is the knower of all the bodies. The action of knowing the body and knower of this body is called knowledge.  God is enjoyer. We are created and enjoyed. We are cooperator in the enjoyment of God. We enjoy by providing cooperation to God. We are the eternal servant of God. Consciousness is "I am". "I am spirit", "I am Brahman". When we think that we are enjoyer and proprietor then we, souls are, conditioned with material impurities. Here comes the false ego when we identified our body with "I am". "I am" is ego. We can not give up ego because ego is identity but we can give up false ego. Nature is the inferior energy of God as it has no consciousness but it is eternal. Ancient sages of India have in-depth spiritual