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Yoga of Supreme Person

THE SUPREME PERSON'S YOGA Detachment is the tool or method through which one can get out of this web of material entanglement. One has to worship and surrender to God Shri Krishna who is the originator, sustainer & destroyer of this material world and whose abode is the spiritual sky illuminated by his effulgence and not by any sun, moon or fire and electricity. One who reaches there, will never return to this material world which is full of anxieties and miseries and a dangerous place to live in. What are the qualities of a person who knows how to surrender to Supreme God Shri Krishna and reach his abode called Golok Vrindavan in the spiritual sky? He has to get himself free from false prestige. He has to get himself free from illusion He has to keep himself away from bad company. He has to keep himself away from material lust. He is living a life of equilibrium and remain steady in the following conditions of life: Cold and hot Summer and winter Fame and infamy Honour and dis


PURE CONSCIOUSNESS Here God Krishna is saying to Arjuna that to be in pure transcendental consciousness, a person must give up all the varieties of sense gratifications which arise from engagement of senses as per urges of satisfaction of gratifications on the direction of mind which is not stable, fickle and wandering here and there and which is the friend and enemy of a person.  Mind is our friend if we can control it and mind is our enemy if we allow ourselves to be controlled by it. These urges for the satisfaction of material sense gratification arise because of the tendency of mental concoction in us which make us believe something which is not true.  It is just like if we add different ingredients in a new way to make some new meal. Our mind creates mental concoction as it picks some part of the story from somewhere and remaining parts from some other stories and presents a new picture in front of us which appears to be astonishing but in reality, the new picture is far fr