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Riches of God

RICHES OF GOD  It is not possible for demigods and sages to know the origin and riches of God shri Krishna. God Shri Krishna is the originator of demigods and saints. A person is free from sin and dellution if he knows that God Shri Krishna is the supreme lord of this material world and has no beginning and end and is unborn.The qualities created by God are intelligence, knowledge, charity, birth, death, fear, fearlessness,non violence,equanimity, satisfaction,austerity,happiness and distress,control of senses and mind fearlessness,truthfulness,forgiveness,delusion fame,infamy, freedom from doubt and illution, truthfullness, satisfaction, austerity, charity and all these various qualities are created by God Shri Krishna.  The great seven sages and before them four other sages and the Manu ( ancestor of living beings) come from God Shri Krishna and they are born by mind of God Shri Krishna and all the inhabitants of the earth are born through them. One who is assured of the riches and m