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Ticket to Kingdom of God

TICKET TO KINGDOM OF GODAfter going through Bhagavad Gita’s second chapter, I have come to this conclusion that a summary of the entire “Bhagavad Gita” is in the second chapter. It tells us the qualifications which this soul should possess to get the ticket to the Kingdom of GOD after death.  Here one more thing which is to be remembered is that the moment your soul leaves your body (at the time of death) at that time, what are you thinking matters the most and it decides your next birth. If you are thinking about GOD then your next destination will be the Kingdom of God or you can call abode of God from where the soul never returns to this miserable and dangerous material world.  If your consciousness is towards wife, children, bank balance, costly items at home, Job, girlfriend, or towards your pet or lust, greed, attachment then without any doubt, you will get a body to fulfill your unfulfilled desires for sense gratifications. Throughout our life, we have to practice to keep our min…