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Types of nature: Divine vs. Demoniac

Types of nature: Divine vs. Demoniac. The type of transcendental qualities which are present in people having faith in God and having divine nature: Forgiveness Determination Charity Self-control Freedom from anger Nonviolence Truthfulness Cleanliness Peacefulness Keeping away from finding faults in others. Gentleness Freedom from Greed. Energetic Freedom from envy. Freedom from desire  Freedom from desire of honour and appreciation. Kindness towards all living entities. Simple living & high thinking. Fearlessness Gathering of Spiritual Knowledge Always trying to get himself purified. Renunciation  Gentleness  Modesty Fortitude These qualities leads to liberation. The type of qualities which are present in people having demoniac nature: Rudeness Harshness Insulting other peoples Humiliating other people's. Demotivating other peoples Pride and false prestige  Arrogance Anger Ignorance  Cheating other peoples. Making other people fea