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Types of nature: Divine vs. Demoniac

Types of nature: Divine vs. Demoniac.

The type of transcendental qualities which are present in people having faith in God and having divine nature:ForgivenessDeterminationCharitySelf-controlFreedom from angerNonviolenceTruthfulnessCleanlinessPeacefulnessKeeping away from finding faults in others.GentlenessFreedom from Greed.EnergeticFreedom from envy.Freedom from desire Freedom from desire of honour and appreciation.Kindness towards all living entities.Simple living & high thinking.FearlessnessGathering of Spiritual KnowledgeAlways trying to get himself purified.Renunciation Gentleness ModestyFortitudeThese qualities leads to liberation.
The type of qualities which are present in people having demoniac nature: RudenessHarshnessInsulting other peoplesHumiliating other people's.Demotivating other peoplesPride and false prestige ArroganceAngerIgnorance Cheating other peoples.Making other people fearful of them.Intimidating others.Inserting a sense of inferiority complex in other…