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The KARMA YOGA (Work without desires of  fruitive results) Some peoples are confused with the word "KARMA YOGA". Karma Yoga means doing work for the sake of doing work only as a prescribed duty without any attachment for the desired results and focus on work only and not results. We have rights to the best performance of our work but we have no right to our result which is beyond our scope of rights. We work in our office but despite our hard work if our employer does not wish to release our salary due to some financial problems or due to his selfish motives then we will not get the result of our work as result depends on factors beyond our control. Karma Yoga does not mean that you work like an ox in an oil mill to raise wealth for you and your family for enjoying sense gratifications and indulging in senses. We are compelled to do our work according to quality which we acquired from material nature. We can't remain without work, not even for a second. One should cont