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LUST One of the five biggest enemies of human being is lust. Other is anger, proud, attachment, false ego and greed, desires, sense gratification. One of the interesting statements that I heard from one of the saints is that they are just like brothers and sisters. If one of these is present in your mind then you must come to the conclusion that remaining will also be present in your mind. The percentages will be different but you cannot deny their presence.  If a person has all the best qualities but has one of bad quality also in minute percentage then there is no doubt that that bad quality in minute percentage will one day bring the downfall of his life and family.
Lust forces a man to do sin, even when a man is not willing to indulge in sin and in one of my earlier blog, I have said that when one person observes any sense-object continuously or quite often then that leads to attachment and which leads to Lust and lust leads to Anger and Anger leads to bewilderment of memory and be…