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Opulence of God Shri KrishnaGod Shri Krishna occupy topmost position in each category:God Krishna riches are limitless.He is beginning, middle and end of all living beings. He resides in the heart of all persons.Among Aditya, he is VishnuAmong lights, he is the Sun.Among Maruts, he is MariciAmong stars, he is the moon.Among Vedas, he is Sama VedaAmong demigods, he is Indra (king of heaven)Among senses, he is mindAmong living being, he is consciousnessAmong riders, he is ShivaAmong Yaksas and Rakshasas, he is lord of wealth (Kuvera)Among Vasus, he is Agni (fire)Among Mountains, he is Meru.Among teacher, he is Brhaspati (teacher of gods in heaven)Among Generals, he is Kartikeya (general of the army of Gods)Among bodies of water, he is the ocean.Among Sages, he is BrighuAmong sacrifices, he is chanting of holy namesAmong immovable things, he is the HimalayasAmong vibrations, he is transcendental "OM"Among trees, he is Banyan treeAmong Sages of Demigods, he is N…

Riches of God


It is not possible for demigods and sages to know the origin and riches of God shri Krishna. God Shri Krishna is the originator of demigods and saints. A person is free from sin and dellution if he knows that God Shri Krishna is the supreme lord of this material world and has no beginning and end and is unborn.The qualities created by God are intelligence, knowledge, charity, birth, death, fear, fearlessness,non violence,equanimity, satisfaction,austerity,happiness and distress,control of senses and mind fearlessness,truthfulness,forgiveness,delusion fame,infamy, freedom from doubt and illution, truthfullness, satisfaction, austerity, charity and all these various qualities are created by God Shri Krishna. 
The great seven sages and before them four other sages and the Manu ( ancestor of living beings) come from God Shri Krishna and they are born by mind of God Shri Krishna and all the inhabitants of the earth are born through them. One who is assured of the riches and my…

Confidential Knowledge

This knowledge is the most secret, pure, eternal, king of all education. It helps in the self-realisation. This knowledge is the perfection of religion and helps a person in getting relief from all the miseries of life. Those who do not adhere to devotional service to God Shri Krishna will never be able to get out of the cycle of birth and death and will be compelled to take birth in this miserable and dangerous material world. 
All the living beings and this gross material world are within God Shri Krishna. God takes care of all the living being and is the creator of this material world but he is not part of this material world but is above modes of material nature. Work has no power to bind God because God never takes credit for the creation of this material world. God neither claims proprietorship over the material world as it's creator nor wants fruitive results for his labour. He is therefore never compelled by his actions to take birth in this material w…


God Shri Krishna has said that whenever any devotee of less intelligence and hungry for the fulfilment of material desires decides to worship any particular type of Demigod and follow particular rules and regulations according to his nature then God Shri Krishna who is in everyone's heart established the faith of devotee towards that particular Demigods in devotee' s heart so that devotee can worship that Demigods with a dedication to get desired results of his actions or to get material desires fulfilled but fruits or boons of worship are offered by him to Demigods who bestowed it upon devotees. 
Image source: Pexels Actually, devotees worship the supreme personality of Godhead Shri Krishna in an indirect wrong way. The devotee gets their desires fulfilled by worshipping Demigods but these fruits or gains obtained do not persist for longer periods and have beginning and end. These fruits are limited and temporary. The wors…


Yogi or mystic is a person who has kept his focus on God and keeps always God in his remembrance. He has left sense gratification, desires, possessiveness and work only for the performance of prescribed duty without any attachment for results. He is better than a person who does not work at all. Yogi keep his mind, body and self in relationship with God. 
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Yogi controls his mind. He prefers to live in a lonely place away from the crowd. Some follow eightfold yoga system and other remains in trance by controlling inhaling and exhaling air and some by stopping air in the nostril and some by eating less and there are some people who follow hath yoga where they remain in some physical discomfort to come out of material contamination. Bhagavad Gita has prescribed certain rules for Yogi. 
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Celibacy is an important requisite for a Yogi. He or She has to keep in meditation with closed or open eyes and do endeavour to purify his or her mind with simple l…