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Sannyasa and Tyaga

Sannyasa and Tyaga
Renounced order of life (Sannyasa).
The process of leaving all activities based on material desires is called the renounced order of life. This is a process of leaving the selfish motives in each endeavor.
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Renunciation (Tyaga)
The process of leaving all fruits of work is called renunciation. Image source: Pixabay
Some learned men declare that all forms of material activities should be abandoned but some others feel that sacred activities such as penance (control of senses), charity, sacrifice, Japa should not be abandoned under any circumstances otherwise our next life will be disturbed. Whatever good or bliss, we are enjoying in this life is because of sacred activities such as penance (control of senses), charity, sacrifice, Japa performed by us in previous births. These activities purify even the consciousness of great persons. 
Types of Renunciations:
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Renunciation in the mode of goodness:
When activities are performed as a prescr…



During the year 2000, in the winter month of February, I visited a temple close to my home. Before entering the temple, my eyes get fixed on the big stone engravings on the topmost portion of the entrance gate of the temple and three words were written there, OM TAT SAT. I started wondering, what does it mean? Several years later, holy book Bhagavad-Gita solves the puzzle of "OM TAT SAT". These three words indicate supreme absolute truth since the beginning of creation. The Brahmanas used these symbolic representations while chanting hymns of Vedas and during sacrifices for the appeasement of the Supreme God.
This is the sacred sound and spiritual symbol in Hinduism. Even God Shri Krisna declare in Bhagavad-Gita that he is sacred syllable called OM which is used by transcendentalist before commencement of penance, sacrifice, charity. It is a symbol of consciousness or soul. It is also used in Buddhism and Jainism. Most of the powerful mantras to evoke God are prec…

Types of nature: Divine vs. Demoniac

Types of nature: Divine vs. Demoniac.

The type of transcendental qualities which are present in people having faith in God and having divine nature:ForgivenessDeterminationCharitySelf-controlFreedom from angerNonviolenceTruthfulnessCleanlinessPeacefulnessKeeping away from finding faults in others.GentlenessFreedom from Greed.EnergeticFreedom from envy.Freedom from desire Freedom from desire of honour and appreciation.Kindness towards all living entities.Simple living & high thinking.FearlessnessGathering of Spiritual KnowledgeAlways trying to get himself purified.Renunciation Gentleness ModestyFortitudeThese qualities leads to liberation.
The type of qualities which are present in people having demoniac nature: RudenessHarshnessInsulting other peoplesHumiliating other people's.Demotivating other peoplesPride and false prestige ArroganceAngerIgnorance Cheating other peoples.Making other people fearful of them.Intimidating others.Inserting a sense of inferiority complex in other…

Yoga of Supreme Person

Detachment is the tool or method through which one can get out of this web of material entanglement. One has to worship and surrender to God Shri Krishna who is the originator, sustainer & destroyer of this material world and whose abode is the spiritual sky illuminated by his effulgence and not by any sun, moon or fire and electricity. One who reaches there, will never return to this material world which is full of anxieties and miseries and a dangerous place to live in.
What are the qualities of a person who knows how to surrender to Supreme God Shri Krishna and reach his abode called Golok Vrindavan in the spiritual sky? He has to get himself free from false prestige.He has to get himself free from illusionHe has to keep himself away from bad company.He has to keep himself away from material lust.He is living a life of equilibrium and remain steady in the following conditions of life: Cold and hotSummer and winterFame and infamyHonour and dishonourGain…


Brahman is non-destructive and exist eternally without change. Karma creates the material bodies of living entities. The material nature is consistently undergoing changes. Supreme God Shri Krishna lives in the heart of living beings and is the Lord of all sacrifices and universal form of the lord contains all the Demigods. 
There is no doubt that those whosoever leave his/her body remembering God at the last moment will definitely attain God. Those who attain God never return to this miserable and dangerous material world because they have achieved higher perfections. 
If a person remembers somebody other than God then he will definitely get body similar to that person to whom he or she was remembering while leaving his body. If you removed your dog at the time of leaving your body then you will be dog in next life and if you remember your wife at the time of leaving your body then you will be a woman in your next body. 
Ithe f wife remembers his husband at the …