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Sannyasa and Tyaga

Sannyasa and Tyaga

Renounced order of life (Sannyasa).

The process of leaving all activities based on material desires is called the renounced order of life. This is a process of leaving the selfish motives in each endeavor.

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Renunciation (Tyaga)

The process of leaving all fruits of work is called renunciation.
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Some learned men declare that all forms of material activities should be abandoned but some others feel that sacred activities such as penance (control of senses), charity, sacrifice, Japa should not be abandoned under any circumstances otherwise our next life will be disturbed. Whatever good or bliss, we are enjoying in this life is because of sacred activities such as 
penance (control of senses), charity, sacrifice, Japa performed by us in previous births. These activities purify even the consciousness of great persons. 

Types of Renunciations:

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Renunciation in the mode of goodness: 

When activities are performed as a prescribed duty that is required to be done without any desire of desirable results, gain, profit or reward in return and without any attachment or material association then It is called renunciation in the mode of goodness. The renouncer with pure intelligence neither hates inauspicious work nor attached to auspicious work. He has no doubt about work. Once again, I would like to reiterate that equilibrium has to be established in each and every aspect of life as per Bhagavad-Gita.

How can a person give up all the material activities?

The answer is "NO". You have to renounce the result of actions performed by you. Only then, you are truly renounced.

The person who remains attached to the results of their actions gets themselves trapped in the net of action and reactions and is subject to good, bad, or mixed results either in this birth or future births. They will be subjected to miseries, anxieties, distress, old age, diseases, pains inflicted upon them by their mind and body, other living beings, natural disasters upon which they have no control. 

This material world is a dangerous and miserable, place to live in. The recent pandemic of COVID-19 and disaster caused by cyclone "Amphon" in east India are examples to prove my point. Our mind and intelligence should be focused 24x7 on getting out of this material world by remembering God 24x7. Those who are in the renounced order of life neither suffer nor enjoy the results of their actions.

Japa (repeating a mantra or divine name in a meditative mode either speaking in a low voice so that the person doing Japa can hear his own voice or reciter has to speak it within his mind only). It is found in Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Shintoism. Japa can be performed individually in the meditative procedure, or while doing other works or while walking or can be recited collectively in a group.

Renunciation in the mode of passion:

There are some persons who give up prescribed duties such as charity, sacrifice, penance, Japa (explained above) due to discomfort feeling experienced by their body and mind, or finding it troublesome. This type of renunciation is in the mode of passion and such people are not able to elevate them in renunciation.

Renunciation in the mode of ignorance: 

Some duties are prescribed such as charity, sacrifice, penance, Japa, austerity and these should never be renounced as these duties are the building blocks of your next life's blessings and they also purify your consciousness. If any person abandons these activities under the influence of illusion and atheism then that person is doomed and such renunciation is in the mode of ignorance. 

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Pankaj Mannan

Sunday, 31 May 2020



During the year 2000, in the winter month of February, I visited a temple close to my home. Before entering the temple, my eyes get fixed on the big stone engravings on the topmost portion of the entrance gate of the temple and three words were written there, OM TAT SAT. I started wondering, what does it mean? Several years later, holy book Bhagavad-Gita solves the puzzle of "OM TAT SAT". These three words indicate supreme absolute truth since the beginning of creation. The Brahmanas used these symbolic representations while chanting hymns of Vedas and during sacrifices for the appeasement of the Supreme God.


This is the sacred sound and spiritual symbol in Hinduism. Even God Shri Krisna declare in Bhagavad-Gita that he is sacred syllable called OM which is used by transcendentalist before commencement of penance, sacrifice, charity. It is a symbol of consciousness or soul. It is also used in Buddhism and Jainism. Most of the powerful mantras to evoke God are preceded by "OM". It gives power to Mantras. Devotee used these mantras to get their wishes fulfilled. 


All of the holy acts such as penance, charity, sacrifice should be performed with no motive of any sort of gain or profit with the word"TAT". The purpose of these sacred acts is to get free from the clutches of material energy. "TAT" means that everything belongs to God and whatever penance, sacrifice charity is being done by me is for God's satisfaction.


"SAT" word indicate that all of the auspicious activities such as penance, sacrifice, charity are performed for the satisfaction of God with honesty and everything present in these activities is also "SAT". The performer of these activities is also "SAT". God or absolute truth or supreme person is also "SAT".

Sacrifice, penance, charity performed without faith in God is "asat" or not permanent and is not beneficial in this life or next life.

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Hare Krishna

Saturday, 30 May 2020

Types of nature: Divine vs. Demoniac

Types of nature: Divine vs. Demoniac.

The type of transcendental qualities which are present in people having faith in God and having divine nature:

  • Forgiveness
  • Determination
  • Charity
  • Self-control
  • Freedom from anger
  • Nonviolence
  • Truthfulness
  • Cleanliness
  • Peacefulness
  • Keeping away from finding faults in others.
  • Gentleness
  • Freedom from Greed.
  • Energetic
  • Freedom from envy.
  • Freedom from desire 
  • Freedom from desire of honour and appreciation.
  • Kindness towards all living entities.
  • Simple living & high thinking.
  • Fearlessness
  • Gathering of Spiritual Knowledge
  • Always trying to get himself purified.
  • Renunciation 
  • Gentleness 
  • Modesty
  • Fortitude
These qualities leads to liberation.

The type of qualities which are present in people having demoniac nature:

  • Rudeness
  • Harshness
  • Insulting other peoples
  • Humiliating other people's.
  • Demotivating other peoples
  • Pride and false prestige 
  • Arrogance
  • Anger
  • Ignorance
  •  Cheating other peoples.
  • Making other people fearful of them.
  • Intimidating others.
  • Inserting a sense of inferiority complex in other people.
  • Finding faults in other people.
  • No Knowledge of what is to be done and what is not to be done.
  • No cleanliness
  • No Truthfulness 
  • No proper behaviour.
  • No faith in God and the world.
  • Believe that sexual desire and lust are the reason for the creation of this material world.
  • Believe that insatiable lust and sense gratifications are the only reasons to be in this material world.
  • The tendency to get lost in themselves with selfish motives.
  • Tendency to destroy the world by engaging in horrible and unbeneficial unclean work.
  • Attraction towards non-permanent things.
  • These people's are characterised by their attraction towards lust and anger.
  • Remained immersed in illusion and delusion of ignorance.
These qualities lead to bondage and demoniac persons remained immersed in a large number of desires and anxieties up to the end of their life and they procure money by cheating and other illegal means to satisfy their senses and senses of their family members. 

These people makes plan for increase in wealth, power, status and recognition in society and they even do charity for getting recognition in the society. These people's are proud of their influential and rich relatives and friends. They feel proud of removing their rivals and enemies and makes plans for removal of remaining rivals and relatives. They perform sacrifices for the sake of performing only without following any rules and regulations or religious principles. They consider themselves as perfect and lord of everything.

These peoples are shamelessly rude and are deluded by false prestige and wealth. Due to influence of false prestige, wealth, strength, pride, ego, lust and anger, these people become envious of the supreme personality of Godhead who resides in their bodies and bodies of other peoples. They also blaspheme against the real religion. God throw these mischievous and envious peoples in lower species of life in the material world. These peoples takes birth repeatedly in lower species of animal kingdom and never able to reach God. These people sink down to most lower type of existence.

There are three gates of hell which leads to degradation of the soul. These are lust, anger and greed. Everybody is required to leave these associates of sin to achieve self-realization and attaining the abode of God.

Peoples who give no respect to religious principles, rules and regulations, do and do not mentioned in religious scriptures and follow their mind and whim only, never get any happiness, perfection and these peoples never reach supreme destination. 

Everybody should know what is duty and what is not duty as mentioned in religious scriptures and should follow guidelines mentioned in religious scriptures to get himself elevated in spiritual knowledge and to reach spiritual sky or abode of God which is everyone's ultimate destination and target in this life.

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Hare Krishna

Thursday, 28 May 2020

Yoga of Supreme Person


Detachment is the tool or method through which one can get out of this web of material entanglement. One has to worship and surrender to God Shri Krishna who is the originator, sustainer & destroyer of this material world and whose abode is the spiritual sky illuminated by his effulgence and not by any sun, moon or fire and electricity. One who reaches there, will never return to this material world which is full of anxieties and miseries and a dangerous place to live in.

What are the qualities of a person who knows how to surrender to Supreme God Shri Krishna and reach his abode called Golok Vrindavan in the spiritual sky?
  • He has to get himself free from false prestige.
  • He has to get himself free from illusion
  • He has to keep himself away from bad company.
  • He has to keep himself away from material lust.
  • He is living a life of equilibrium and remain steady in the following conditions of life:
  • Cold and hot
  • Summer and winter
  • Fame and infamy
  • Honour and dishonour
  • Gain and loss
  • Sorrow or happiness
  • Friends or enemies
  • Gold or stone.
  • Desirable and the undesirable.
This person has given up all the material activities and attachments. This person does not hate illumination, attachment and delusion when they are present and do not desire them when they are gone. This person remains undisturbed by reactions of actions done by him and remain unconcerned and transcendental to the modes of material nature. He knows well that he does not do any work and only three modes of material energy are real performers in this material world. He remains self-satisfied and enjoy in his soul only.

We are the part and parcel of God. We are eternal fragments of God. We are souls and not these bodies. We get conditioned on getting in contact with the material world and are striving very hard in this material world with six senses including mind for existence. Famous biologist Mr Darwin has given a theory called the struggle for existence. Once in contact with material energy, our knowledge gets covered with ignorance and we get ourselves in grip of delusion.

Depending upon the consciousness developed by a person in his entire life, he is entitled to be demigod, human, animal or companion of God after leaving his present body. In his next birth, the soul gets a body as per consciousness developed by living entity in last birth and gets suitable senses to enjoy as per consciousness developed in last birth. We have to be very careful with the consciousness which is being developed as per our desires and lifestyle. We have to develop Krishna consciousness in our life to get a ticket to the kingdom of God after leaving this body and deliver us from the birth and death, miseries, anxieties, old age, death and to preach the kingdom of God to remain there as his eternal companion. 

The persons on the path of self- realization can only understand this concept. Other persons who are foolish and who are under the influence of material energy cannot understand this concept of how our present consciousness is preparing our next destination which will be either abode of God or animal kingdom or in heavenly planets or this earth as human being or animal or bird or reptile or insect or parasite or as plant or tree.

The power and shining of the sun, moon, fire comes from God. God becomes the moon and provide juice of life to vegetables. There are many plants which grow only in the moonlight. God keeps all the planets in their orbit. God is the fire of digestion in the bodies of living beings and he joins with incoming and outgoing air in the body to digest four kinds of foodstuff. He resides in every person's heart and generate
forgetfulness, knowledge or remembrance. The purpose of all the Vedas is to know God Shri Krishna. God Shri Krishna is the one who knows all Vedas and who is a compiler of Vedas.

All the living entities in the material world are fallible but in the spiritual world, the living entities are infallible. Besides these two types of living entities, there is God who has entered the three worlds and is the maintainer of this world. God Shri Krishna is the supreme person, indestructible, the supreme personality of Godhead, transcendental to three modes of material nature and infallible and fallible entities. Since he is the greatest of all the living beings in this world, therefore, he is celebrated as Supreme Person in Vedas.

The persons who think that God is the supreme personality of Godhead is the knower of everything and he engages in devotional service to God with full devotion and dedication, This is the most confidential part of Vedic scriptures and whoever understands this will become wise and all of his efforts will be perfect.

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Monday, 25 May 2020



Brahman is non-destructive and exist eternally without change. Karma creates the material bodies of living entities. The material nature is consistently undergoing changes. Supreme God Shri Krishna lives in the heart of living beings and is the Lord of all sacrifices and universal form of the lord contains all the Demigods. 

There is no doubt that those whosoever leave his/her body remembering God at the last moment will definitely attain God. Those who attain God never return to this miserable and dangerous material world because they have achieved higher perfections. 

If a person remembers somebody other than God then he will definitely get body similar to that person to whom he or she was remembering while leaving his body. If you removed your dog at the time of leaving your body then you will be dog in next life and if you remember your wife at the time of leaving your body then you will be a woman in your next body. 

Ithe f wife remembers his husband at the time of leaving her last breath then she will be a man in his next birth. If you remember your children then you will receive a body of man, woman or any pet to associate with your children in your next birth. 

You have to very careful to remember God only at the time of your death so get yourself liberated from the cycle of body and death god Shri Krishna said in holy book Bhagavad Gita to always think of him in the form of Krishna and at the same time performed your prescribed duties dedicated to God Shri Krishna and mind and intelligence fixed on him. In this way, you will attain the Supreme Personality of Godhead Shri Krishna. 

We have to remember God as the one who knows everything, is the oldest, controller, smallest than smaller, living being are being taken care by him, he is always a person, far away from the material contaminations, transcendental, shining like the sun and beyond this material nature and ideal the planets are places of miseries except the abode of God. 

When everything is annihilated, the God remains as it is God belongs to supreme unmanifest nature which is transcendental to manifest and unmanifest nature. God is present everywhere and everything is within God while he is present in his abode. 

God who is the greatest can be achieved by a strong devotion to him. unaffected by sorrow, joy, heat, cold, loss or gain. The path of devotional service to God is the highest path which gives all the results derived by other paths to God such as reading spiritual literature, doing sacrifices, penances, austerities, charity and devotee of God reaches the supreme eternal abode of God Shri Krishna in Golok Vrindavan or spiritual plane.

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Saturday, 23 May 2020

Three modes of material nature


Human beings present state is determined by the modes of material nature which is dominant at the particular moment and these modes of material nature keep competing with each other to take control of a person's consciousness.  Sometimes Modes of goodness is prominent and Sometimes Mode of passion or mode of ignorance are prominent. There is a constant struggle between these modes of material nature for supremacy. 

One has to learn the technique of becoming transcendental to these three modes of material nature which is to depend entirely on God Krishna and involve oneself in devotional service to supreme God Shri Krishna.

This is supreme knowledge and sages have received perfection by getting this knowledge. Person's nature becomes transcendental after receiving this knowledge and that person is not compelled to born at the time of creation and not disturbed at the time of distraction of creation.

God is the seed giving father who impregnate the total material substance
called Brahman. Due to this process, all the living beings are born. When the living entity comes in contact with material nature ta han living entity comes under the influence of these modes of material nature which binds him.


This mode is pure and illuminating than others and frees a person from all the reactions of sins committed
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by him but this mode conditioned the persons with the sense of happiness and knowledge. It fills the person's mind with intelligence. When a person dies in this mode then he goes to the higher planets of saints. The action done in this mode are pious and pure. This mode gives real knowledge.

The person in this mode has unlimited desires and he is bound to the work done by him by desiring favourable results. It condition person to fruitive actions. This mode makes the person intense laborious, industrious, hankering for-profit and desires, greedy, jealous with others. highly attached to family, profession, society, money. The person in this mode works with the desire of favourable results. When a person dies in this mode then he takes birth again in the family of persons who are working hard for favourable results. Actions done in this mode results in misery. This mode results in greed and passion.

This mode is due to ignorance and delusion of all living beings and sleep, indolence, madness is sign exhibited by the person in this mode of material nature. This model covers the intelligence of a person and bind the person to madness. When a person dies in this mode then he goes directly to animal kingdom and takes birth as an animal. Actions done in this mode results in madness. This mode gives foolishness, madness, illusion.

When one comes to an understanding that mode of material nature are actually working and no one else is working and that God Shri Krishna is above these modes of material nature and transcendental to these modes then he attains Spiritual nature. One has to become transcendental to the modes of material nature to get out of the grip of material nature, birth and death, disease and distress, old age and only then he can enjoy nector in this life. 

What are the symptoms of the person who can transcend the modes of material nature? What is his behaviour? and how does he managed to transcend the modes of nature?

Answer: A person living a life of equilibrium and remain steady in the following conditions of life;
  • Cold and hot
  • Summer and winter
  • Fame and infamy
  • Honour and dishonour
  • Gain and loss
  • Sorrow or happiness
  • Friends or enemies
  • Gold or stone.
  • Desirable and the undesirable.
This person has given up all the material activities and attachments. This person does not hate illumination, attachment and delusion when they are present and do not desire them when they are gone. This person remains undisturbed by reactions of actions done by him and remain unconcerned and transcendental to the modes of material nature. He knows well that he does not do any work and only three modes of material energy are real performers in this material world. He remains self-satisfied and enjoy in his soul only.

Who can transcends the modes of material nature and reach to the level of Brahman?

Answer: One who keeps himself in devotional service regularly and punctually without fail under all circumstances.

Who is the basis of impersonal, undying, indestructible, and everlasting with ultimate happiness called Brahman?

Answer: God Shri Krishna

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Hare Krishna

Friday, 22 May 2020

Nature, enjoyer & consciousness


This body is called the field and the one who knows this body is called knower. 

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God is the knower of this body. We are also the knower of our body but God is the knower of all the bodies. The action of knowing the body and knower of this body is called knowledge. 

God is enjoyer. We are created and enjoyed. We are cooperator in the enjoyment of God. We enjoy by providing cooperation to God.
We are the eternal servant of God.

Consciousness is "I am". "I am spirit", "I am Brahman". When we think that we are enjoyer and proprietor then we, souls are, conditioned with material impurities. Here comes the false ego when we identified our body with "I am". "I am" is ego. We can not give up ego because ego is identity but we can give up false ego.

Nature is the inferior energy of God as it has no consciousness but it is eternal.

Ancient sages of India have in-depth spiritual knowledge about God, body, kundalini, chakras in the body, effects of magnetic fields on the body, benefits of yoga for the body. The knowledge is available in four Vedas (books) of Hindus called Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda, Atharva Veda. The Vedanta sutra is the compilation of all the knowledge of Vedas and holy book of Bhagavad-Gita is a compilation of knowledge available in Vedanta Sutras. Those who can not study Vedas and Vedanta Sutras or those who have no time to study this literature will be benefited if they just read holy book Bhagavad-Gita.

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Field of activities and its interactions:
There are five great elements i.e., earth, water, fire, ether, air
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False Ego

The unmanifested stage with three modes of nature.
The ten senses
The mind
The five sense objects
Happiness and distress
The aggregate
The life symptoms
The convictions

What constitutes Knowledge:

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Desire to remain detached from the crowd consisting of common people attached to sense gratifications
Desire to remain at a lonely place
Developing a habit to remain silent
Live a life of equilibrium in happiness and distress, loss and gain, hot or cold, fame and infamy, praise and insult.
Stable nature
Remaining away from object of sense gratification
Remaining away from false ego.
Compassion towards all living beings
Going to a spiritual master for spiritual knowledge.
The knowledge about miseries of life such as old age, death, diseases.
Detachment from family, home, money, relatives
Devotion to God with determination.
Keeping in mind the importance of self-realization and spiritual knowledge.
To do a philosophical search for absolute truth.
All the points mentioned above is knowledge and rest is ignorance.


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Super soul exists everywhere and in and out of everything and everybody. 
He is far from us but at the same time, he is very near to us.
Super soul is the origin of all the senses. 
Super soul remains detached from everyone and everything. 
Super soul takes care of everything and everybody but he is the destroyer of everyone and everything. He is the originator of everything and everybody.  
Super soul remains above the three modes of material nature i.e., mode of goodness, passion, ignorance and is the master of modes of material nature.
Super soul is without senses.
He is not easily noticeable.
Our senses are imperfect in knowing and seeing him.
Super soul appears to be divided in every living being but at the same time, he remains undivided and complete.
Super soul is the goal and object of knowledge and knowledge himself.
He resides in every living being's heart.
He is the origin of light for all glowing bodies.
Super soul is beyond the darkness of matter and Brahman.

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Only devotee of God Shri Krishna has the power to understand the body, knowledge and knowledgable. Nature and living beings are present since time immemorial. The process of changes and modes of matter are due to material nature. The material nature is responsible for all material causes and its effect and living entities are responsible for all the suffering and enjoyment in the world. Living entities comes in the contact with material nature and due to the nature which they had received since their birth, experience suffering or enjoyment or both by interacting with three modes of material nature i.e., mode of goodness, passion, ignorance.  We all know that our soul resides in the heart but there also resides one transcendental enjoyer called super soul which remain there as overseer and permitter and watches the actions taken by body and acts as a witness to the sins or pious work done by body and work is done by the body under influence of material nature and modes of nature.

Soul situated in Brahman vision does not engage with the body although resides in the body. Body glow with the energy provided by the soul as consciousness. We have to convert our body consciousness to Krishna Consciousness. Those who understand the material nature, living entities, modes of material nature and their interaction will not take birth again in this material world, whatever is his present state.

There are three ways to understand the super soul:

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1. By meditation
2. By collection of spiritual knowledge.
3. By working without desiring fruitive results.

There are some people's who do not have spiritual knowledge but they start worshipping God by hearing from devotees and saints. These people also get liberated from the cycle of birth and death. Whatever exists in this material world is a combination of nature and God. Super soul and soul never gets destroyed and as mentioned earlier, both the soul and super soul resides in the heart of the human body.

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When do you know that super soul exists everywhere then how can you get yourself degraded by fickle mind? You have to control your mind to reach transcendental place. Action is performed by the body which comes into existence by material nature and is bound by three modes of material nature and influenced by lust, anger, pride, greed, envy, attachment. Super soul present in heart acts as permitter, witness and overseer.

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To attain Brahman conception, one has to see everything and everybody as equal and that numerous souls are found across the universe in different bodies whether in animal or plant kingdom are nothing but part and parcel of God.

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